The Guardian and the Return of the Victorian Lady

Excellent article by Jerry Barnet over at the Sex & Censorship campaign about The Guardian. He shows how illiberal they have now become and how they deliberately fabricate research to suite their twisted radical feminist agenda.

It’s a topic I’ve also touched on before in my article: The Guardian is definitely no longer a broadsheet

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10 Responses to The Guardian and the Return of the Victorian Lady

    • holocaust21 says:

      OMG I didn’t know Galen Baughman had been arrested. Really tragic.

      A lot of the article is pretty repulsive in its vilification of him. It sounds like he had been a bit idiotic – as far as activism is concerned – but nothing he had done should be criminal. Article spouts out the same ridiculous nonsense that a 31yo man banging a 14yo is wrong. No it’s not!

      The good news though is that Galen’s activism is being bankrolled by the billionaire George Soros and Soros organisation – The Open Society Foundations – hasn’t immediately distanced itself from him so I really hope that Soros is starting to take a dim view of feminazis. He’s certainly in a position to – with his billions to protect him from their wrath – and his experience of communism (he is Hungarian) should make him notice the similarity of feminist politicial correctness and communism. On the otherhand, he does use a certain amount of “women’s rights” BS in the Open Society Foundations literature. Though, as far as I know, he hasn’t been trying to peddle child porn laws, the age of consent, or insane definitions of rape (but I might have missed something).

  1. Salem21 says:

    I think his colleagues were paranoid about their public image, Problem is, we’re all human with all our faculties; Of course there’s nothing wrong with it.
    Check this story out, He was spared Jail, but had to attend rehabilitation and sign sex offenders register — Rehabilitation for what, Being a normal heterosexual!

    • Alan Vaughn says:

      Rehabilitation for what, Being a normal heterosexual!

      Precisely. The Gynocratic authority (i.e. a small group bitterly jealous, but very persuasive and noisy, middle aged feminists), responsible for managing the entire child sexual-abuse industry aim to ‘rehabilitate’ these sick and perverted (male) individuals to become sexually ‘normal’ according to the feminist model:
      The purpose of the rehabilitation process being to brainwash, or ‘re-program’ the offending individual’s minds into finding overweight and grossly unattractive, middle-aged femihags extremely attractive, whilst simultaneously making them see hot, nubile 16 year old girls as being equivalent, in terms of sexual attractiveness, to a fresh pile of stinky doggy-doo.
      These Gynocracy controlled, (thus government funded), sexuality rehabilitation courses typically take 12 months as an inpatient (whilst either being beaten and arse-raped daily in prison, or, as a patient in a specialist sexual offender’s psychiatric institution), to complete.
      If no progress is indicated, or only little improvement is observed at the completion of the course, they invoke their backup strategy, which generally requires reverting to a more permanent and reliable solution: making them into complete asexual incels, via a simple but effective surgical procedure, commonly known as castration

      Remember: ALL men are paedophiles in the UK… EXTERMINATE! EXTERMINATE! EXTERMINATE!

    • Alan Vaughn says:

      In the Mirror story you linked to, it also stated:

      However, the girl – who said it was consensual – refused to make a complaint and the prosecution was based on his admissions, the Liverpool Echo reported.

      And this is why we have websites like this one. We are the only ones (less than 1% of the population) who can see the HUGE elephant in the room:
      If that’s the case, WHY was this totally harmless, nice young man even approached by the police? Let alone charged and convicted of a what is now, a heinous crime (all ‘sex offences’ are now considered more serious than homicide), then ordered to undergo rehabilitation to be converted into a TRUE pervert, or sexual deviant, one that the gynocracy hopes will be attracted to fat, middle-aged frumps!
      Think about that for a few minutes…
      It really is mind boggling, I think.

      The only ‘criminals’ I can see here are the bitterly JEALOUS femihags that control the British government and judiciary. They should all be burned at the stake for their heinous crimes and the real life-long harm and emotional trauma they are inflicting on millions of innocent men, while also ruining the lives of millions more young men and women!
      This is a true holocaust, not on a race or religious institution, but on NORMAL human behaviour: heterosexuality…
      Wake up Britain – anyone of you could be next, any time!

      • holocaust21 says:

        Wake up Britain – anyone of you could be next, any time!

        The terrible thing is it’s not just Britain now… It’s the whole fucking world!!!!!!!

      • ConcentrationCamp says:

        But I have TRIED to talk about it with my parents and others, and they JUST DON’T SEE IT.

        It’s crazy but the most they might say is that it goes too far sometimes or is counterproductive.


      • holocaust21 says:

        The only way to make people see it is to be publicly bashing and vilifying feminists for their relentless paedophile hysteria and horrific abuse of men via their corruption of the criminal “justice” system.

        There is too much apathy.

    • holocaust21 says:

      Oh absolutely.

      The article you mention is truly terrible but another case of a 19yo dutch boy with a 12yo is even more horrifying as this other boy is right now being anally raped and beaten in prison for consensual sex. Incase you missed it I reported on it here:

      And I’m not taking back what I said should be done to the evil Judge Francis Sheridan & co!

      P.S. Don’t you just like the hypocritical way they call a 19yo being victimised by feminists a ‘man’?

  2. Alan Vaughn says:

    The article you mention is truly terrible but another case of a 19yo dutch boy with a 12yo is even more horrifying as this other boy is right now being anally raped and beaten in prison for consensual sex. Incase you missed it I reported on it here:

    No, I didn’t miss it, I probably read it within a few hours after it was posted and was no less disgusted, in fact I think I was even more angry after reading it, than I was this one (which Salem21) linked to. I just forgot to leave a comment, or was probably lost for words, being somewhat irate at the the time. Since I’ve already said something about this article (which is very similar), I didn’t say too much more on that earlier post about the Dutch boy, after finally commenting on it just now…

    It was more-or-less an intuitive response to comment on this article because I felt I was ‘invited’ or even obliged to by Salem21’s very relevant comment / question: ‘Rehabilitation for what, Being a normal heterosexual!’

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