When they come for your boy…

Truly terrifying – police abduct 12 year old boy on ‘rape’ charge

A devastated mum has told how her 12-year-old son was accused of rape, arrested in his pyjamas and chucked in an adult police cell overnight – only for his accuser to admit 14 months later the sex was consensual.

…the experience will traumatise him for the rest of his life…

“It felt very much like a case of guilty until proven innocent,” she revealed.

“My poor boy was treated like an adult on a brutal sex charge.

“He was terrified, and this will now affect him for the rest of his life.”

…an innocent child locked in a police cell…

“I remember screaming. I was saying they couldn’t take him to the cells because he was only a child.

…his childhood innocence stolen as he was sexually assaulted by the police (with legal impunity)…

Tom was taken to the cells at around 7.30pm and stayed there until 3.30am.

“In this time he was asked to give a semen sample, a DNA sample, had his fingerprints taken and had pubic hair collected.

…the feminist police state’s contradictions laid bare for even the stupidest moron to see…

“My argument is, if a 12-year-old is capable of rape, why are the professionals not asking questions about the family life? It is not normal.

[If a 12-year-old cannot consent to sex, then how can a 12-year-old be responsible for rape!? As I’ve reported on before feminists actively changed the law to allow young boys – who according to the feminists own logic lack any mental capacity to consent – to be jailed for rape]

…his education destroyed…

“After being chucked out of school we eventually got Tom in a special school for boys with behavioural difficulties but it didn’t work because he was not like those children and he was scared. He lost a year of his education.”

…at least there was some justice…

During the course of proceedings, his accuser admitted to the judge the sex between the pair was consensual and she had said it was rape so her boyfriend would not be angry that she’d had sex with someone else.

Tom was found not guilty. His emotional mum cries to this day when re-living the verdict.

…but the police tried to justify their reprehensible and criminal behaviour…

A police spokesman in the county where Tom was arrested explained “certain procedures are followed” when a child is arrested but it is not uncommon for a child to be placed in a cell for a serious crime, as the age of legal responsibility is 10.

“It is not unusual for us not to tell an adult prior to a child’s arrest what the child is being arrested for,” she adds.

“This is to protect the integrity of the investigation.”

Would the police also consider it acceptable for a murderer to kill people because it is not “uncommon”?

This boy’s life has been destroyed by the “child protection” establishment – he will forever be scarred by the experience and will undoubtedly die incel as the idea of having anything to do with women again will be far too terrifying for him. This case shows the true hypocritical evil eminating from the police, the feminists and the child protective police state.

Lynne Owens (Director General of the National Crime Agency – Britain’s most senior police officer) should hang her head in shame. She should resign immediately. Not only that but she should offer a long apology fully detailing the lives destroyed by the police in their twisted pursuit of “child protection” – the young boys arrested for rape, the children who have committed suicide and/or suffered from severe depression after being kidnapped and put into foster care, the men who committed suicide and/or rotted in prison after being raided on paedophilia/rape charges. Those affected must be compensated out of the police budget and police officers own personal savings and salaries. The British police force should be bankrupted for their crimes against humanity.

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1 Response to When they come for your boy…

  1. mayfeministshang says:


    But I’M SORRY but it is the PARENT’S FAULT.


    I WOULD FIND OUT WHERE Lynne OWENS lives and follow her and stab her in the face and throat a dozen times. Then I would cut open her cunt with the knife. End of.


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