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American police run massive paedophile ring

Check out the article on it here. Unfortunately unsurprising! Of course, as usual, mainstream media cover it up.

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Guardian calls for totalitarian laws to require mandatory reporting of victimless sex crimes

The Guardian has called for new totalitarian laws that require the mandatory reporting of victimless sex crimes. Teachers and doctors will face criminal sanctions if they fail to report concerns that children are being abused, under controversial proposals to be … Continue reading

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Woman ordered to pay $400,000 in restitution for false rape claims

Finally, women who lie about rape are getting punished. Albeit, she should have probably got life imprisonment.

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Simpsons has Marge jailed for letting bart play outside as 1 in 5 British preschool children are referred to Social Services

In the latest Simpsons episode apparently Marge is jailed for letting bart play outside. Good that this ridiculous state of affairs is getting some coverage in comedy now. However, meanwhile apparently 1 in 5 British children are now being referred … Continue reading

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Convicted sex offender says it as it is

In a rather unusual sex offence case (as the alleged offender also gave HIV to his underage lover) the man convicted said it as it is: I am not sorry we were together, no, I am sorry the HIV came … Continue reading

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Outrage in Hungary as radical feminist organisation UNICEF attack fathers

Good news. There’s reportedly been some antifeminist outrage in Hungary as UNICEF made three propaganda videos designed to imply that fathers are all child abusers. We also learn a bit more about the radical feminist evil that lurks inside UNICEF: … Continue reading

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David Cameron cracking down on ‘extremism’ amid allegations he is a paedophile

In the recent Queen’s Speech David Cameron has shown himself up to be a true predator. He has announced he wishes to abolish any and all free speech in this country by saying that those with “extremist” views will be … Continue reading

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