The End Goal Of Western Progressivism Is Depopulation

Came across this great article by Roosh on how feminism is part of the elite’s depopulation agenda.

Interestingly one of the names Roosh drops as being part of the depopulation agenda is David Rockefeller. Now that just reminded me of an interview I saw with Aaron Russo shortly before he died nearly a decade ago in 2007. In it Aaron Russo discloses what a scheming evil man David Rockefeller is, that he and his associates manufactured the war on terror and of particular relevance that he funded and manufactured feminism. Yes. Really! Watch the interview here, you can start from 9:10 to see him explain the part about feminism:


(Rockefeller asked) “Aaron what do you think women’s liberation was about?” And I said (I had pretty conventional think about it at that point) things like women having the right to work, getting equal pay with men just like they won the right to vote you know and he started to laugh. He said you’re an idiot! And I said why am I an idiot? He said “well let me tell you what that was about. We the Rockefeller’s funded that. We funded women’s lib, you know, and we’re the ones who got all over the newspapers, the television, the Rockefeller foundation and you wanna know why? There are two primary reasons. One reason was we couldn’t tax half the population before women’s lib and the second reason was now we get the kids into school at an early age, we can indoctrinate the kids how to think, make sure it breaks up their family. The kids start looking at the state as their family, as the school, as the officials as their family, not as their parents teaching them.”

And so those were the two primary reasons for women’s lib which I thought upto that point was a nobel thing, you know, when I saw their intentions behind it, where they were coming from when they created it, the thought of it, I saw the evil behind what I thought was a nobel venture.’

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