35,000 children prevented from joining scouts due to paedophile hysteria

Good news and bad news. The bad news is that 35,000 children have been prevented from joining the scouts due to paedophile hysteria. This is because men are too afraid to volunteer due to the almost inevitable risk that they will be jailed for child molestation.

The good news is that at least the media are reporting on it and actually stating that “child sex abuse scandals” are to blame. Indeed, a day after the news broke Martin Daubney has written a strong opinion piece criticising the demonisation of men as paedophiles and blaming feminists. Unfortunately he still called Savile a “vile paedophile” despite the many blogs which all cite evidence proving Savile’s innocence (e.g. Rabbitaway, Anna Raccoon and Jim Cannot Fix This). Still, this is an improvement on the previously non-existent criticism of paedophile hysteria in the mainstream.

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