Female Cop Sexually Assaults Male

The original copblock article calls it a “pat down” but it’s pretty obvious it’s a “sexual assault”:

Lock her up! Put her on the Sex Offender Register!

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2 Responses to Female Cop Sexually Assaults Male

  1. kanteblog says:

    Its about time we get some publicity on the fact that just because someone is a cop doesn’t mean they are above the law and just because someone is going through a pat down they are not a scumbag. And that sometimes it’s the cop that is the scumbag, even if the arrested/detained IS a criminal.

    • holocaust21 says:

      Oh absolutely. Most of what count as “crimes” shouldn’t be crimes at all. So when police officers beat the “criminal” up, kidnap them and hold them hostage for many years or decades in a dark dungeon of torture, oh sorry, “corrections centre” then it should be pretty easy to see who the real scumbag is —> the police officer.

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