Petition to Suspend Social Justice in Universities

Interesting petition by Sargon of Akkad to “Suspend Social Justice in Universites” has got over 68,000 signatures in three weeks. That’s almost as many signatures as a petition from some embittered feminist hag would have got a few years ago to “castrate any man we feel like as a subhuman paedophile”. So, this is good news!

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6 Responses to Petition to Suspend Social Justice in Universities

  1. Salem21 says:

    Check this out, This guy was censored at Bristol University just for writing about rape in a fictional story:

    • holocaust21 says:

      Thanks for bringing that to my attention. However, if you go to the students blog you’ll discover that he’s actually a feminist and he wrote his story about rape to show how much “trauma” it causes. He has a big blog post up detailing why he wrote the story (full of feminist junk science about psychological trauma etc). Also I didn’t read the story fully but he seems to think drunk sex is rape. I’m pretty sure it’s not. The dictionary definition is (or at least was until feminists inserted their own tautological definitions):

      The crime of using force or the threat of force to compel a person to submit to sexual intercourse.

      So I think I’ll have to take a line from feminists (like him) on this one and say “I support free speech but not THAT kind of free speech!”. Fuck it. Let him be hoisted by his own pittard! 😉

  2. Alan Vaughn says:

    Very good petition which I immediately signed without hesitation. I also skimmed over a few of the comments and grabbed this ‘sample’:

    I didn’t leave Islam and join academia so that I have to fight against yet another ideology that demonizes people for dissent, and punishes them for thought crime. Not again.

    The Genie A.A.L, New York, NY3 weeks ago
    (upvotes) 149

    There are of course many more there, much like that one. I was surprised and delighted after reading a few of them, that contrary to what I’ve always thought: many academics are finally seeing the huge PINK elephant in the room (Feminism), for what it REALLY is and are even starting to share their thoughts on it, at least via forums hosted by sources such as this petition…

  3. Salem21 says:


  4. Salem21 says:

    Here’s another article highlighting the hypocrisy of law enforcement officials
    NSA Silent on spies with child porn:

    • holocaust21 says:

      Interesting article. Shows their true hypocritical colours. Actually in the UK our Security Agency, GCHQ, have immunity from prosecution for child porn. From the sexual offences act 2003:

      (1)After section 1A of the Protection of Children Act 1978 (c. 37) insert—
      “1BException for criminal proceedings, investigations etc.

      (1)In proceedings for an offence under section 1(1)(a) of making an indecent photograph or pseudo-photograph of a child, the defendant is not guilty of the offence if he proves that—

      (a)it was necessary for him to make the photograph or pseudo-photograph for the purposes of the prevention, detection or investigation of crime, or for the purposes of criminal proceedings, in any part of the world,

      (b)at the time of the offence charged he was a member of the Security Service, and it was necessary for him to make the photograph or pseudo-photograph for the exercise of any of the functions of the Service, or

      (c)at the time of the offence charged he was a member of GCHQ, and it was necessary for him to make the photograph or pseudo-photograph for the exercise of any of the functions of GCHQ.

      (2)In this section “GCHQ” has the same meaning as in the Intelligence Services Act 1994.”

      I bet GCHQ employees are all paedophiles who joined purely so they could fap off to child porn – a good wank being one of the “functions of GCHQ”!

      On another interesting note part (a) implies that even if you aren’t a member of GCHQ you can avoid a child porn conviction as long as you can show it was for the prevention of crime. So perhaps this implies it is legal to send the entire UK population child porn links in an attempt to “prevent crime” by entrapping all the people who click it? That would be really cool as you could then report like 30 million people to the police or something. Or maybe just dump all their names up on the internet and then when someone tells you that you’re a paedo you can look them up in the list and go oh dude you downloaded child porn! Fucking hypocrite! That’d destroy paedohysteria overnight.

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