David Cameron cracking down on ‘extremism’ amid allegations he is a paedophile

In the recent Queen’s Speech David Cameron has shown himself up to be a true predator. He has announced he wishes to abolish any and all free speech in this country by saying that those with “extremist” views will be banned from working with children in the same way “paedophiles” are.

What may be more astounding than anything for us atheist rationalists is that it seems the Evangelical Alliance are the only voice of reason in this country:

It’s extreme to try and tell religious groups what they can and can’t teach under the guise of fundamental British values. It’s extreme to threaten to send Ofsted inspectors into churches if they don’t teach British values. This government’s trying to fight extremism with extremism and the main casualty will be our fundamental freedoms.

Alas, the genuine liberal, rationalist voice has all but disappeared up Shami Chakrabarti’s feminist vagina.

So what is to be done? Well it’s worth reiterating the allegations that David Cameron is a paedophile:

If you have been molested by David Cameron then please report that fucker to the police and the press.

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One Response to David Cameron cracking down on ‘extremism’ amid allegations he is a paedophile

  1. holocaust21 says:

    Criticism against terrorist Prime Minister David Cameron is mounting: http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/crime/governments-counter-extremism-plans-run-risk-of-turning-force-into-thought-police-a7046866.html

    Even a fucking police officer has criticised his totalitarian policies! Now that’s really saying something!

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