Outrage in Hungary as radical feminist organisation UNICEF attack fathers

Good news. There’s reportedly been some antifeminist outrage in Hungary as UNICEF made three propaganda videos designed to imply that fathers are all child abusers.

We also learn a bit more about the radical feminist evil that lurks inside UNICEF:

Most of the employees at the Hungarian UNCIEF office are women, news portal mno.hu points out in an opinion piece, adding that the office is led by a rather controversial figure, Emese Danks. Previously she was not only a PR chief of the Hungarian units of Tesco and Erste Bank, but also a spokeswoman for former Socialist Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsány.

UNICEF are a truly repugnant organisation dedicated to the cause of locking up innocent men for “sexual offences” much like the NSPCC, however, UNICEF are likely far more powerful and influential as unlike the NSPCC they are a truly global organisation.

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5 Responses to Outrage in Hungary as radical feminist organisation UNICEF attack fathers

  1. Alan Vaughn says:

    I see there were two You Tube videos embedded in the webpage of that story, which have both been removed. I wonder if these were two of the three controversial ant-father / man-hating videos, or were they just some footage from a local TV channel News or current affairs program, explaining what the feminist pigs running UNICEF are really up to, including the full extent of their institutionalized hatred and how they use children in their false propaganda to demonize all men and ultimately exterminate the entire male population…

  2. Alan Vaughn says:

    Sorry, in my initial comment (above), I hadn’t followed the link within the HUNGARY today article, to the three misandrist videos. I have now viewed them all, since following that link and although I could not understand one word those (immaculate looking, never abused in their entire lives), child actors were saying, I could certainly understand the basic message being conveyed: That their dads were abusive tyrants that they’re constantly living in fear of and what measures they supposedly have to take in order to protect themselves from their dreaded fathers – the most abusive men in the universe! Tyrannical fathers that are so mercilessly violent and DANGEROUS, they can beat them senseless on a regular basis (i.e. daily), without leaving as much as slight scratch on their perfect skin, or even leaving a small dent in a wall or slightly damaging an item of notoriously frail ‘IKEA’ type furniture used in their bedrooms! Their fathers are not only cruel tyrants, it appears they’re also magicians… OMG! Maybe they’re sorcerers!

    I now wonder after viewing those pathetic videos: have any of those disgusting UNICEF man-hating feminist pigs, responsible for their production, created for no useful purpose other than to spread more hate propaganda to further demonize men; ever seen a REAL child who has suffered actual abuse, including abuse from anyone: even from their mother, baby brother / sister, or a school bully?
    Or, have any of them ever visited a home where genuine victims of ‘family violence’ reside and where actual (real) violence has taken place, even if it only ever occurred once?
    Somehow, me thinks NOT…

    Stupid femihags! If their intent was to send out a ‘hard-hitting’ message (regardless of what message is being conveyed), at least try to make it authentic by adding a bit of realism, but of course they probably don’t even know what real abuse victims actually look like, nor what a ‘violent home’ looks like…
    Jeezz, I wished my bedroom looked something like that little boy’s in the 3rd clip when I was his age: really big and spacious, with lots of nice toys etc… And I wasn’t even ‘abused’ as a child!

    • holocaust21 says:

      without leaving as much as slight scratch on their perfect skin

      It’s funny that point because in all these propaganda videos as well as the high profile real “child abduction” or “child murder” cases the kids always had perfect skin. Some of the PC critiques of the media for choosing these cases would say that the media choose “photogenic” kids which I think is a PC term for sexy kids! It’s really strange the general public like to look at a picture of a dead child who they – in their paedocrisy – find to be “hot” and then blame the child’s murder on the “paedophile other”… Mirror, mirror on the wall…?

      Jeezz, I wished my bedroom looked something like that little boy’s in the 3rd clip when I was his age: really big and spacious, with lots of nice toys etc… And I wasn’t even ‘abused’ as a child!

      There’s no better way to make money than to be abused! Seriously though I’ve noticed the whole perception of the reality portrayed by the media is of the reality that the 1% live in. Heck, just watch a family comedy series and you see their “houses” are all million pound mansions! All the leading feminist/SJWs also inhabit that world. Thus, they assume these “abused kids” had exactly the same privileged upbringing that they had just there was the “evil male” present who feminists due to their bitterness and hatred so much despise. You might then of course assume these feminists are right-wing, but, you’d be wrong!

  3. Alan Vaughn says:

    @Holocaust21, I posted a Reply to my initial comment above, but it ended up in the spam folder. This is the first time it’s ever happened to me on this blog, however I expect you have probably tightened the spam filter a bit in response to the sudden influx of hate mail being posted here of late?
    I know it went into spam because when I tried to send it again, this message was displayed instead:
    ‘Duplicate comment detected; it looks as though you’ve already said that!’

    • holocaust21 says:

      Dug it out of the spam folder. Don’t know why it ended up in there. In fairness I actually don’t get all that much hate mail, I only get the occasional nutcase who writes death threats below every article 😉

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