Simpsons has Marge jailed for letting bart play outside as 1 in 5 British preschool children are referred to Social Services

In the latest Simpsons episode apparently Marge is jailed for letting bart play outside. Good that this ridiculous state of affairs is getting some coverage in comedy now. However, meanwhile apparently 1 in 5 British children are now being referred to Social Services before school age. Good to see though that finally even the normally politically correct BBC are allowing previously unmentionable language:

“We have this mantra that says it’s everybody’s job to safeguard children but what we are doing doesn’t actually safeguard children.

“Creating these huge numbers of referrals of concern is like creating a huge, extra big haystack in which we are trying to find the needle of the children who are really at risk.”

He added: “If you are a parent and someone has logged a complaint about you, it doesn’t matter if you aren’t formally investigated, you will still feel that you are under threat.”

Calling “safeguarding” a “mantra” is something not usually said in the mainstream media nor is it often said that “parents” are “threatened” by the State. Of course, the truth is that there is no bigger terrorist organisation than the Government.

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