American police run massive paedophile ring

Check out the article on it here. Unfortunately unsurprising! Of course, as usual, mainstream media cover it up.

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11 Responses to American police run massive paedophile ring

  1. Alan Vaughn says:

    Although this is a bit old now, it’s still very important. This is the kind of thing that I know must be going on and why I was very concerned about this suspicious looking comment left a couple moths ago…

    • holocaust21 says:

      Disturbingly I believe so. Our closet paedophile politicians passed Sexual Risk Orders into law which allows the police to impose Orwellian restrictions like these with no due process. Personally I don’t think individuals caught on those orders (or similar ones like the Sex Offender Register) should bother complying. They should run away, let the police waste money chasing them and then if the police catch up let them waste more money on a further kangaroo trial followed by a £30,000 a year jail cell. For any periods of “freedom” that the individual has they should spend it campaigning against the police and parliament.

      To be honest I am genuinely surprised that people put up with this state sponsored terrorism and no one has resorted to violence – in self defense – against the state.

  2. Salem21 says:

    I got threatened on FB yesterday by an old school friend, Just for pointing out that its normal for heterosexual men to be attracted to adolescent girls, This was his response before we parted company…..

    8 June

    I didn’t think you would answer that question, but it is obvious that you think that having sex with a 16 year old is okay. Now I’m no angel, I’m no goody goody two shoes and I’m very liberal and not one to get on the “moral high ground” usually. However, you, need a reality check mate. You are a ++ year old “man”. For you to look at 16 year olds in a sexual way is morally wrong. End of! Loads of blokes our age don’t think it’s acceptable to be attracted to teens. I don’t. I don’t know anyone else our age that does. A teenager is still a kid, they have not developed fully mentally, physically or emotionally. Have respect for these teens. (And their parents). If you had sex with my 16 year old daughter I would fucking kill you! Now let’s look at the facts “”: You have set up a social network account under a false name, you have around 20 Facebook “friends”. (Not very “social” for a social networking site). You have posted quite a few articles on rape/underage sex. One article about David Bowie having sex with under aged girls: creepy or cool? You have put “fucking cool man”. So you clearly endorse under age sex. So you are not really any better than a Paedophile are ya mate? Believe me, if I had any concrete proof that you were doing anything illegal in this respect, I would fucking shop you to the coppers at the drop of a hat. As I haven’t, I can just conclude this conversation before we end our Facebook connection by giving you my opinion. You are being a cunt! You are showing as much moral fibre as a fox would in a full chicken coop. The things you believe in are immoral and we both know they are. How about I post the screenshots of your timeline and this conversation on the big Facebook groups? You’ll have to sleep with one eye open & be very careful. Believe me mate I’m tempted as although I can’t prove you are doing anything illegal, I can prove you think underage sex is okay & therefore you are one sick cunt as bad as a pedo. I have kids mate! How do I know you haven’t taken screenshots of my daughters? I strongly suggest that you contact this helpline and try and get yourself sorted as anyone can change, if they want to.

    • holocaust21 says:

      Perhaps you should remind him that HE is the one who has committed criminal offences not you! Threatening to murder you for having sex with his 16yo daughter – which ironically even in our paedohysterical society is still entirely legal to do – sounds like an offence under the (admittedly incredibly broad) malicious communications act. I wouldn’t be surprised if his speech-rampage has made him fall foul of other anti-speech laws too.

      In any case he’s some “friend”. Oh well. His loss 🙂

  3. Salem21 says:

    He’s not really a friend, He’s an old school acquaintance that I have not seen since around 1992 who I contacted through my old school website, Reminiscing about the good old school days.
    Anyhow; I told him that I don’t take kindly to threats, However, I told him since you have the weight of society behind you, I will not hold you to that, Then gave him a link to ponder over — To stick in his metaphorical pipe:

    • Alan Vaughn says:

      He appears to be a text-book paedocrite to me Salem – probably fantasises he’s doing what every other normal guy would love to do with his 16 yo daughter, when he’s fapping off and that’s why he couldn’t resist the opportunity you gave him to point his guilty, paedocritical finger at you.
      This remark he made, is classic paedocrite speak:

      However, you, need a reality check mate. You are a ++ year old “man”. For you to look at 16 year olds in a sexual way is morally wrong. End of! Loads of blokes our age don’t think it’s acceptable to be attracted to teens. I don’t.

      Especially the final sentence: ‘I don’t.’ Completely gives it away. Pathetic!

  4. Salem21 says:

    True…Reminds me of the scene from League of Gentlemen, Where they’re in a class and asks “hands up who’s gay”…”I’m not”, hands down quickly!
    Why people can’t see past this BS is beyond me….Attraction to adolescent girls is an evolutionary imperative.

  5. Alan Vaughn says:

    Why people can’t see past this BS is beyond me….Attraction to adolescent girls is an evolutionary imperative.

    It’s the endless feminist dogma that everyone has been constantly exposed to over the past couple of decades, that has finally penetrated their minds and personalities and totally possessed them. Your old classmate almost parrots their ridiculous and FALSE mantra:

    A teenager is still a kid, they have not developed fully mentally, physically or emotionally. Have respect for these teens.

    As I often point out on blogs like this, my grandmother was legally married with her own young family when she was 16 y/o – her and many thousands of other teens – it was the normal age to marry in the early 20th century and it should still be normal today. It is certainly normal now (biologically), however the gynocracy have now convinced the sheeple that a 17 year old is a ‘child’ and that any man who (as your paedocrite ex-classmate believes), looks at any female who is more than about 5 years younger than himself ‘in a sexual way’ is a sick paedo, a creep, or predator etc… .
    The paedohysterical lynch mob public have allowed this feminist institutionalised hate to ruin society by destroying the family unit and the same obedient sheeple have apparently welcomed it with open arms – enabling and endorsing the wicked, JEALOUS old hags that started the whole thing…

    It would be by far, the most destructive form of social engineering, along with its partner ideology: the multi-TRILLION dollar CAGW (Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming) HOAX, in the entire history of civilisation and a very toxic ideology that has the potential (and the intention of the UN global government that the likes of Hillary Clinton, O’bama and many other Stalinist world leaders hope to form), under the guise of ‘saving the planet’. Their plan, if the sheeple don’t wake up to them and allow it to proceed, will easily dwarf all earlier attempts at Socialism and their associated holocausts, combined.
    Feminism being yet another major group in the liberal progressive left’s army of SJWs, fits very nicely into the plan – where they can use already enacted ridiculous, draconian laws against men, (like child porn) to criminalise, then (under the new global totalitarian world government) – EXECUTE any offenders. It’s all about depopulation and Agenda 21.
    They have demonised energy (coal, oil and gas) and really believe they will live in a ‘clean’ utopia that can be powered with USELESS and enormously expensive ‘green energy’ and of course free of dissidents that question their wicked ideologies, i.e. normal heterosexual men – enemies of the state.
    This is not just a ‘conspiracy theory’ anymore, it is global scale indoctrination (social engineering at a global level) and is global LUNACY.
    Many reading this will no doubt think I am paranoid and deluded etc. etc., but this NWO (Communist world government) is a very real threat to ALL of us.
    I even regarded the whole conspiracy theory as just that – a joke actually, and even laughed at Eivind Berge’s fear of ‘Peak Oil’, however after reading more into the recent political events unfolding in the US, UK, (the EU and the refugee crisis) and Australia, I now regard it all, very seriously…
    The MSM are all part of the plan too – they tell us nothing. Like us here (on this blog), the only place you’ll find the truth about what’s really going on, is on the Internet – forget MSM.

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