Claire Fox beats the shit out of the feminazis in the Daily Mail

Wow Claire Fox has got an article in the Daily Mail that totally beats the shit out of the feminazis. She talks about ‘Generation Snowflake’ and how young girls today are basically retarded ‘victims’ who can’t cope with life.

A sampling of some of the antifeminist content in her article that’s particularly relevant here:

As for child protection – that’s turned into an industry that encourages youngsters to see predators around every corner. Some play parks ban adults who are not accompanying a child. Parents are not allowed to take photographs of their children at swimming galas.

Teachers aren’t allowed to apply sun cream in case of inappropriate touching. There’s panic about what children might see on the web and endless concern over ‘stranger danger’.

Is giving a compliment based on looks really ‘unsafe’ behaviour? If a boy pings a girl’s bra it may be unpleasant and annoying, but is it really assault?

An ever-widening definition of abuse can incite a culture of fear and complaint: encouraging teachers and girls to name and shame could mean labelling sexually awkward teenage boys as sex pests.

There is a danger of adults losing a sense of proportion. When I was five, we played a game where we girls wore our cardigans as capes and ran away squealing from the boys chasing us with frogs from the local pond.

No doubt today that would be dubbed a sinister sex game, and the boys certainly wouldn’t be allowed near the pond.

Of course I recommend you read the whole thing!

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One Response to Claire Fox beats the shit out of the feminazis in the Daily Mail

  1. Alan Vaughn says:

    My God! You’re right, she does indeed beat the femascists with what they deserve, but the article was an eye-opener for me on just how pathetic these people are, now that they’ve clearly been successfully ‘programmed’ with the ‘accepted’ totalitarian mindset. I had no idea how far this PC, victimhood ideology they drum into them, effectively turning them into obedient, oversensitive mindless little lapdogs had gone, until now. I’m quite shocked!

    As I said in another earlier reply (to Salem21) today, the stage is now set for this system of INTOLERANCE, where any dissent against their PC dogma or ‘accepted’ (fascist) narrative will be made illegal. This marks the start of the totalitarian UN led New World Order, the Stalinist cunts want to rule with and control us all with… Straight out of a George Orwell novel, or Inquisition handbook. It’s obvious now that they’ve already been running this massive global indoctrination project for some time and they’ll continue doing it to successive generations soon after they are born! Anyone who has doubts about Agenda 21 would be well advised to read that article. It’s disgusting in the extreme what the loony liberal progressive leftist SJWs are doing to our children and to the world. They must be stopped before they get a chance to exterminate everyone who won’t tow their party line – people like us!

    Liberal progressive whiteknights like Paul Elam, would probably be quite impressed reading that vile glimpse of the truth on the advancement of the ideology he so wholeheartedly endorses…
    Parents would be well advised to keep their kids out of the indoctrination camps schools and educate them at home, themselves – they are clearly not safe places for society, let alone the kids.

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