Parents in support of Paedophiles!

In a damning blow to the feminazi claim that no parent would support paedophiles it has emerged that 12 parents have sent letters to a judge in support of a teacher convicted of possessing child pornography.

A judge has allowed a paedophile music teacher to continue working with children after hearing letters of support from 12 of his pupils’ parents.

Neil Deller, 42, had a daily “fixation” with child porn and 3,500 images showing girls as young as three and bestiality were found on his computer.

He continued to give private lessons following his arrest two years ago and the parents of many pupils wrote positive references to a court .

The letters were presented to a judge who spared Deller jail and refused to ban him from teaching children aged under 18 in the future.

Ouch. This one is gonna be a painful blow to feminazi ideology. Let’s be sure to keep spreading this link around and rubbing it in feminazi faces!

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5 Responses to Parents in support of Paedophiles!

  1. Salem21 says:

    That is encouraging: Have you seen this: Fathers 4 Justice crash the Loose women studios, Chanting ‘No kids, No cash’!

  2. Alan Vaughn says:

    A few short years ago, this ‘incident’ (now a full-on court case), would not even have been an issue and most certainly not, a matter for the police to be involved with.
    What a person does in the privacy of his / her own home has nothing to do with anyone or anything else. NOBODY should be questioned by the police for this, let alone charged and have their whole life ruined on the whim of a bunch of sexually frustrated, bitterly JEALOUS, ugly old bags!
    If anyone actually harms a child or another person – adult or child, in ANY way at all: fair enough – they should be appropriately charged and tried in court, but this child porn voodoo magic law about looking at pictures of children (who could well be in their 50’s or older by now, or even drawings of pixies that look young) and those depicted being ‘victimized’ all over again is just insane! There’s no other way to describe it, just: INSANE!
    Anyone who even regards the pseudo junk-science behind such a law seriously, is even more insane than the femihag c**ts that dreamt it up.

    It’s rather like dragging someone out of bed at 3:00 AM and charging them with drunk driving simply because they own a car possess a driver licence and drink beer occasionally, therefore they MUST be a crazy alcoholic who WILL definitely drive a car when drunk one day, even though they have NEVER driven a motor car after drinking alcohol in their life. This is thought crime. Convicted on what the slim, circumstantial evidence indicates what could possibly happen, (or what that person might possibly be), based on an assumption of ‘intent’ to do something, even if it has never actually happened. And if it’s NEVER happened in the past, it should be presumed to be most unlikely to happen in future.
    However, the gynocracy controlled fascist government and judiciary now work on the new legal principle of GUILTY – prove your innocence, when it involves anything remotely connected to women and children – even cartoon drawings of them!

    If these bitterly jealous and vindictive old femascists can persuade their Stalinist government cohorts to enact laws that convict and imprison men and destroy their lives, simply for looking at pictures that enrage their femihag envy (without ever actually contacting, let alone harming ANYONE): EVERYONE should be very worried about what INSANE thought crime laws they’ll invent next.
    This whole world is becoming one HUGE loony bin. Global fucking MADNESS.

  3. Salem21 says:

    Bristol Council has history of having an extra anti-male agenda; Remember reading how they have places where girls can gather, Yet no such places for boys to play etc, So its no surprise that they also have a high rate of “child sex offenders”..The same “vulnerable” demographic that “can’t consent”…..They’re always ready to blame adults or parents for their behaviour — Disregarding the fact that kids are curious, Because they are sexual beings:

  4. Yure says:

    Oh, yeah, I saw this one on Heretic TOC, but forgot to click. Thanks for reminding me. It’s good to see that some people can regard convicted pedophiles as good people even in the current climate of hostility.

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