UK Votes for Brexit and Boris Johnson could be PM

Well chaps, the UK has voted for Brexit. I’ll confess to having been unsure myself but I think this could actually be a good outcome. Importantly Boris Johnson – who remarked in 2007 that paedophile hysteria is putting men off teaching – is being considered as a likely candidate for Prime Minister after the repulsive feminist David Cameron resigned. The real test now will be whether Boris Johnson will actually make it to be PM or if we’ll end up with someone even worse than Cameron like Theresa May (urgh!).

I’ve always felt Brexit felt like it’s less to do with us being part of the EU or isolationist and more to do with who we want in power. Do we want the old guard or something new? And when we say “something new” it’s of course not entirely clear what that new group is. But we’ll soon find out!

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One Response to UK Votes for Brexit and Boris Johnson could be PM

  1. Alan Vaughn says:

    I think this is an EXCELLENT result and I confess it was the result I’d literally hoped and even prayed for. What I really like about it is the effect it has had on the leftist SJW and on the Left Stream Media they have complete control over, not to mention all the lunatics advocating the Anthropogenic Climate Change HOAX and its associated scare-mongering propaganda (which is merely a mask that hides something a lot more sinister). Just read any news paper and they’re all seething over it!

    That Barack Obama – a complete megalomaniac, Stalinist NUT-JOB, is now in a total frenzy! He’s even trying to persuade Mark Zuckerberg to help him spread his climate change doom & gloom propaganda to ‘third world’ countries. He’s totally lost it! After he traveled to the UK recently and literally threatened Britons that they would “go to the back of the queue” if they voted for BREXIT.
    Well they showed him! Democracy and freedom is preferred to the tyranny he wants to rule the world with. He’s now the one with a whole lot of rotten egg on his face. Made my day…
    Socialism has been tried many times throughout history, Mr Chairman Mao Obama and it has always failed.

    This BREXIT win is only the beginning: the people are finally starting to see the huge, left-leaning elephant in the room and are now fighting back. The revolution against the left’s NWO has just started. This revolt, providing the people don’t allow the UN tyrants to intimidate them (because they will try to), will eventually destroy ALL fascist, left ideologies, including feminism!
    All that’s needed next are a few more nations to withdraw from the EU and the next totalitarian, Orwellian institution to fall should be the UN itself!
    This Brexit is a true turning point for all humanity, one of the most significant in the entire history of Western civilization.
    Go Britain. You are FREE again..

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