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Anime Review of an Immoral Law

Mumkey’s anime reviews criticises the age of consent:

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The Real Reason People Work For The Paedophile Unit

I’ve been saying for a long time that those who work for the paedophile unit do it not because they care about children, but because it’s now the only way for them to legally fap off to child porn. And … Continue reading

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Mother of son who hanged himself after being accused of rape also commits suicide

The mother of a boy who hanged himself after being accused of rape has also committed suicide in despair at his loss. The mother of a teenager who hanged himself after being subjected to false rape allegations has committed suicide … Continue reading

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Horrifying Video Evidence that Feminism is a Cult

Shocking video footage of radical feminists disrupting an anarchist conference where Kristian Williams was present (he has previously spoken out against the false allegations industry): More background can be found in this article

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Is the National Crime Agency a terrorist organisation?

I recently decided to investigate the question of whether the UK’s National Crime Agency is a terrorist organisation or not. I have come to the conclusion that they are and sent them an e-mail to that effect (see below) which … Continue reading

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Matt Edman: The World’s Most Evil Software Engineer

If you’ve never heard of former Tor Developer turned FBI informant, Matt Edman, then you should have. I hadn’t either but he’s arguably one of the world’s most evil software engineers. This article provides great insight into a man who … Continue reading

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Amos Yee: Why Child Pornography Should Be Legal

This guy is amazing, he’s publically arguing for not just legalising child porn but legalising baby porn. And unlike the rest of us cowards he’s not hiding his identity: He’s quite a strong political activist too as he’s been to … Continue reading

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