Woman who made up child molestation story arrested

A woman who falsely accused a father of molesting his 5-month old baby daughter has been arrested. At last people are being arrested for making false child molestation allegations!

But wait one thing in the article stood out:

Bossier Sheriff’s Office detectives are looking for a Shreveport woman who made a false claim of sexual child abuse against a man involving his 5-month old female child.  Her fake accusation caused an investigation that became quite invasive for the little girl through unnecessary medical testing, involved numerous man hours for law enforcement officers, as well as the temporary removal of the father from the home, all done unnecessarily from her bogus claim.

Hey wait a minute… The investigation “became quite invasive for the little girl through unnecessary medical testing”!? WTF. So in other words they molested her in order to determine whether she’d been molested? You know what, these police state people are out of their FUCKING MINDS in blatant hypocrisy and contradictions. You just couldn’t make it up!

At least they did arrest one liar though.

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2 Responses to Woman who made up child molestation story arrested

  1. Goat says:

    It has been shown in the research that often the investigation and court proceedings cause as much or more trauma than the actual “molestation”. This makes sense especially since mutually enjoyed experiences are counted as abuse. Even actual abuse where the child has not consented, much of the reaction is far beyond how people should actually react. I have stated it before and will state it again. Children are harmed much more by how our culture views and reacts to these interactions than the interactions themselves, abusive or not.

  2. The Final Cry of the Last Man says:

    The only fitting punishment for this feminist bitch is that we subcontract the punishment out to our bloodthirsty friends in Isis. Hopefully they will think up something outlandishly depraved to punish her by. My own suggestion would involve her being raped to death by iron bars.

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