Britain’s ‘worst paedophile’ – Richard Huckle – was INNOCENT

Excellent write up by Tom O’Carroll on how a guy called Richard Huckle – who the media recently called “Britain’s ‘worst paedophile” and who received a shocking 22 life sentences – is innocent of doing anyone any harm.

God I’m fuming with hate and rage, I’ll leave it up to your imagination though as to what I’d like to see done to the lying Judge Peter Rook as well as of course the director general of the National Crime Agency, Lynne Owens, who is paid over £214,000pa to destroy innocent lives.

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6 Responses to Britain’s ‘worst paedophile’ – Richard Huckle – was INNOCENT

  1. Goat says:

    Doesn’t matter to these people. Doesn’t matter if a kid says “no I love him, we have fun!” and the parents say “it is okay, we like him and trust him and we make sure everything is safe”

    Doesnt matter one bit, they will arrest everyone involved, the pedophile, the parents, and anyone that didn’t try to stop it but knew. They will kidnap the child and force them to be brainwashed by a “therapist” whose job will then be to convince the child they were irreparably hurt. In some cases, if the child is old enough, jail them for not being brainwashed easily enough.

    Sick world we live in, and not because of pedophiles like myself.

  2. Salem21 says:

    Looks like Mr Gove is some sort of pedocrite:

    • holocaust21 says:

      Interesting video lol! However, in that video he’s only met the definition of paedophile (aka normal male). In order to qualify for paedocrite he would have to have called for other men to be hounded down as subhuman paedophiles. I can’t find any definitive source to say he actually did this. Infact, he seems to have attempted to block laws to put mandatory reporting into effect, though there are some suggestions he might have gone back on this but I can’t find a definitive source.

      Also related to this there was the vile announcement by The Guardian a few months ago that Viewers of child sex abuse could lose homes which is apparently the result of an open letter to Michael Gove however as far as I know he never replied to it (correct me if I’m wrong) which suggests he may have just quietly ignored it. (And thank God too!)

      So what do we think? Maybe he’s actually better than the others? Unfortunately we’re now likely to end up with Theresa May as PM (the worst possible outcome…)

  3. Salem21 says:

    Indeed it would be the worst outcome, The other woman doesn’t seem to be a misandrist, She has criticised political correctness in the past, But I don’t think she’ll get in — I have heard that Gove values free speech (at least more than the others)!

    • holocaust21 says:

      I’m not sure what to make of Andrea Leadsom since she has unfortunately been involved with the “1001 Critical Days” project which emphasizes the idea that the “early years” of children’s upbringing (under age 2) is most important and the idea that those who are abused under 2 go on to abuse others etc. There’s nothing in there that overtly calls for people to be locked up or children taken away, infact its emphasise more seems to be on support for parents, however, it is notable that the NSPCC has given their stamp of approval for the project. And thus it’s entirely possible that its claims of merely offering “support” are a veil for something much more sinister.

  4. SeXentric says:

    On a far wider and larger scale, keep telling truths in lands of lies.

    About history’s worst hypocrites, killers, liars, denyers, self-justifyers. The post-Reformation corrupt Anglos feeding billions including innocent children, including their own, into their inhuman meat-mincer. For material or political profit always crudely masked by their mass deception as so called ‘Public Protection’.

    Rephrase their corrupt Judge Rook, “STILL self justifying the unjustifiable via their revered role models. From serial psycho Henry, to mass killer Cromwell, to their devious cowards post-two World wars – ongoing unchecked.”

    Ongoing post-WW2, which they won for so called ‘Democracy’ while STILL killing c.10 Million Worldwide including innocent children.

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