Germany Passes New Hateful Rape Laws

Partly thanks to some of the racist clowns in the (supposedly) MRA movement the feminists in Germany have now had the perfect excuse to pass a new set of hateful rape laws after it was alleged that immigrants had sexually assaulted women in Cologne (though no evidence of this actually emerged).

Germany was previously a country with a relatively sane definition of rape, however, that is now about to change as Germany adopts one of the world’s most insane definitions of rape. The bill will feature the usual feminist horrors such as making a crime rape if the woman said “no” but clearly showed no sign of resisting (which implies, of course, that she actually consented) as well as defining “groping” as a sex crime punishable by years of real rape and beatings in prison. However, the bill will also make it illegal to be part of a crowd that is committing “sexual assaults”, even if you weren’t personally involved in committing the acts. That law is actually very similar in nature to Britain’s “Joint Enterprise” law which allows individuals to be convicted of murder if they could merely have “foreseen” violent acts by their associates and Britain’s Supreme Court recently partly ruled against it after 30 years of convicting innocents.

Will it be another 30 years until Germany rules against their new rape laws?

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2 Responses to Germany Passes New Hateful Rape Laws

  1. When women say “no”, men should respect their wishes and throw them out immediately. There is nothing gonna happen that night without making it a possible rape.

  2. holocaust21 says:

    But if he throws her out then that’ll be “domestic violence” or whatever. Damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t – that’s a man’s fate under feminism!

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