IT consultant says his life is ‘ruined’ after police forced him to give 24 hours notice before having sex

As sexual risk orders start being enforced the true horror of them is starting to be revealed as an IT consultant is not only forced to give 24 hours notice before having sex but he is banned from being in possession of just about any electronic equipment despite never having been convicted of any crime.

The true kafkaesque horror of the situation is illustrated in his own words:

I went on hunger strike because firstly I am innocent and was found unanimously not guilty already.

“My chief objection is that the police are simply ignoring the verdict and treating me in every practical sense as though I was found guilty.

“Secondly, the sweeping obligations, which are entirely unlawful, make life, especially work, utterly impossible.  The injustice of being punished and stigmatised for a crime that never took place can’t be put into words.

“It is compounded by the fact that police can apparently ignore and break laws with impunity.  I am the only one in this two year debacle that hasn’t broken a law, yet I am the only one that has been punished.

“That’s why I feel that I have no choice but to go on hunger strike.  The ‘justice’ system has shown me nothing but constant injustice for two years straight.

I’m honestly amazed he’s only gone on hunger strike. If the police had placed me under those unlawful restrictions I’d have immediately broken them and likely the police scum who tried to symbolically murder me would lose their own lives too. And people wonder why the Dallas shooter killed 5 cops? Police officers do not die by misfortune, they die because the police commit horrific crimes. Crimes committed by the police are some of the worst crimes imaginable – worse in nature even than murder in my view. Every day I hate the police more and more and more. They truly are nothing other than a bunch of murderers and terrorists. This, gentleman, is war.

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