Andrea Leadsom says men should NOT be nannies as they maybe PAEDOPHILES!

Thank God Andrea Leadsom fell out of the leadership race as it now emerges what a truly evil feminist whore that bitch is as she announced that men should not be nannies as they maybe paedophiles. Her exact words:

As an employer we’re not, let’s face it, most of us don’t employ men as nannies, most of us don’t. Now you can call that sexist, I call that cautious and very sensible when you look at the stats. Your odds are stacked against you if you employ a man. We know paedophiles are attracted to working with children. I’m sorry but they’re the facts.

I’m starting to think she’s even worse than Theresa May. I feared that she might be a cesspit of pure feminist evil when I heard that a key project of hers was 1001 Critical Days which emphasizes the idea that the “early years” of children’s upbringing (under age 2) is most important and the idea that those who are abused under 2 go on to abuse others etc. It didn’t overtly seem to call for incarceration or children to be kidnapped but rather called for “support”. Of course I should have known that a feminists definition of “support” is very different to the rest of us (it’s like their idea of supporting a 15yo ‘sex abuse victim’ is to lock her up when she wanted to point out that she’s not a victim). The key red flag should have been that the project was supported by the NSPCC which is arguably one of the world’s most paedohysterical institutions and was, for example, recently responsible for abolishing free speech in the presence of children.

So remember: Any project that has NSPCC involvement is EVIL!

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5 Responses to Andrea Leadsom says men should NOT be nannies as they maybe PAEDOPHILES!

  1. Salem21 says:

    Your right about her of course, but at least she understands (in a covert way) that many more men are paedophiles they many would contemplate; If only she knew the stats on ‘minor attracted’…She could cause a panic, while, at the same time, force a conversation about what is normal in male sexuality: I’d welcome that.
    Its not only here in the UK that nasty male-hating whores are at the helm; Check this out, Female minister in Thailand wants to close down all the brothels — Probably couldn’t even pay for it herself lol…

    • holocaust21 says:

      True, it’s like the people claiming there are paedo rings in parliament… On the one hand we might hate them for spreading paedohysteria but on the otherhand it’s good that the very people who are responsible for the laws can now feel afraid of their own laws!

      Mind, I wonder if Andrea Leadsom’s comment was a bit accidental and she just “let it slip” what she really believed. All her previous work has not been nearly as obviously anti-male (though those of us in the know would suspect she is a feminist whore). Even so, I guess it’s good she did let it slip 😉

      I’ve seen the article on Thailand. Unfortunately, feminism just keeps on coming…

      • Salem21 says:

        Well it would not be the first time she’s spoke before thinking; Remember the interview where she implied being a mother gives her a ‘better stake’ in the future of the country, At least with that comment she upset the feminists too!

  2. Salem21 says:

    BBC4 ‘Crossing continents’ visited Malawi where the job of some lucky man is to ‘break in’ the virgin girls once they reach puberty; What a laborious task! Maybe he’s getting tired and needs some help lol…Not only that, The parents present their daughters, Then give him a nice meal after. Though the guy did admit he has HIV which is out of order — But interesting to see how other cultures see ‘childhood’ that haven’t yet been effected be the ‘western’ mindset!

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