Matt Edman: The World’s Most Evil Software Engineer

If you’ve never heard of former Tor Developer turned FBI informant, Matt Edman, then you should have. I hadn’t either but he’s arguably one of the world’s most evil software engineers.

Matt Edman

This article provides great insight into a man who recklessly destroys lives. If I met him I’d probably hit him in the face and I wouldn’t mind going to prison for the opportunity.

The double-crossing sack of shit worked for the Tor Project initially but then having had extensive experience and insight into Tor he was able to jump ship and work for the FBI on writing malware to entrap Tor users. Of course, his malware was primarily designed for the purpose of targetting single, socially awkward men who were committing the totally victimless crime of viewing child pornography as part of so-called “Operation Torpedo”, according to the article:

Operation Torpedo netted 19 convictions and counting, and it resulted in at least 25 de-anonymized individuals.

So this vile monster has already committed 19 murders (convicting a man of a sexual offence is equivilant to murder). But no, that wasn’t enough, apparently he also played a lead role in taking down silkroad:

n addition to working on Operation Torpedo, Edman also did dozens of hours of work on the federal case against Silk Road, the first major Dark Net marketplace, and its convicted creator Ross Ulbricht. According to testimony, it was Edman who did the lion’s share of the job tracing $13.4 million in bitcoins from Silk Road to Ulbricht’s laptop, which played a key role in Ulbricht being convicted and sentenced to two life terms in federal prison. Edman worked as a senior director at FTI Consulting at the time.

No doubt like most men of his sort he is undoubtedly a closet paedophile, domestic abuser and drug abuser. I write this article so people can be aware of what a truly horrible person he is.

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