Anime Review of an Immoral Law

Mumkey’s anime reviews criticises the age of consent:

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5 Responses to Anime Review of an Immoral Law

  1. ephebophiliaismyreligion says:

    when they stop being idiots who say that 14yo girls have to ask permission from stupid parents or daddy state to do whatever they want with their bodies and their lives, all of this issue being fixed alone

  2. Mandy says:

    I forgot to mention that girls finish puberty in their 14-17, however, they should only consent towards someone their age or close to their age.

    • holocaust21 says:

      That’s your own moral view and has no relation to anything. Yes, individuals are not fully grown until their late teens, however, that does not mean they cannot fuck before then. They can and they often enjoy it!

    • 14yo girls should fuck 30yo men says:

      holocaust21 please block this mentally disturbed old hag who does nothing but fill your blog with this garbage.

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