Mother of son who hanged himself after being accused of rape also commits suicide

The mother of a boy who hanged himself after being accused of rape has also committed suicide in despair at his loss.

The mother of a teenager who hanged himself after being subjected to false rape allegations has committed suicide in the same way shortly after the anniversary of his death.

The family of Karin Cheshire, 55, said she “could not see a future” without her son, Jay, whose body was found in a park near their home after being wrongly accused.

The rape complaint was withdrawn after two weeks but the claims were said to have deeply affected the 17-year-old and his family.

Ms Cheshire had wanted to investigate the police’s handling of the case but became deeply depressed. An inquest into her death found she died on July 18 of the same causes as her son – asphyxiation.

So the falsely accusing feminist bitch took not one life, but two! And the rest of the family have to live with the trauma! This is why false rape accusations should be considered a crime worse than murder. Those caught should face a MANDATORY MINIMUM sentence of WHOLE LIFE IMPRISONMENT.

Ironically the only reason false rape allegations ARE a crime worse than murder is because the feminazis made rape into a crime worse than murder resulting in punishments for rape that exceed those of murder. Once we make the punishments for false rape allegations equally severe and feminazis start to be hunted down then and only then will the feminazis realise what they have unleashed.

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