Man wants to end his life after 7 years in jail for rape he didn’t commit

An indian man wants to end his life after 7 years in jail for rape he didn’t commit. As per the article:

After getting convicted wrongfully for a rape he did not commit and having to serve a seven-year sentence for it, a Ghatkopar resident has now written to the government seeking permission for euthanasia as his plea for compensation is gathering dust at court.

Truly shocking but unsurprising. This proves that false rape allegations are crimes worse than murder as the victims would rather kill themselves than continue to suffer the consequences.

The good news, however, is that one of the comments below the article stated what many men believe, and would like to say, but are afraid to because “the comment might be illegal”:


Now, given where we are, that’s what I call justice!

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4 Responses to Man wants to end his life after 7 years in jail for rape he didn’t commit

  1. Willhem says:

    that’s what we should do with those disgusting Anti-TeenSex, all apologists for genocide against minor-attracted and the whole AntiPedoHebe FEMINICUNT NaZi trash

    true for these AntiPedoHebe NaZi pests sexual crimes are worse than murder and drug trafficking in CIA-Enabler Facebook anyone convicted of a sexual offense is prohibited to have an account, but CHILD murderers, drug dealers and beaters of children are free to have an account on the social network created by the globalist CIA-Enabler from DEGENERATE-USA Mark Zuckerberg, also nor any under 13 as its pestilent law named “protect children online act” (those of 13 to 17 is a good bait to screw people in Facebook and other sites) internet of course belongs to the United States and United Kingdom and its mafia named the UN, UNICEF, Save the Children, an all GENOCIDAL CHILD MOLESTERS ANTI-TEENSEX PEDO-HYPOCRITES criminal organizations !! and all countries must obey these Anti-PedoHebe NaZis scum !!

    if the Anti-TeenSex Femi-Nazi SCUM received a punishment for his crimes would think twice before going to exterminate us

    • holocaust21 says:

      Sorry for being slow to approve your comment. The point about the absurd “protect against children act” and similar laws to prevent 13 or under using the internet is a very good one that I’ve not really covered here.

      Though I don’t agree that drug trafficking is a serious crime – people make their own choices!

  2. Willhem says:

    But remember that for the government (which sends drones to kill children) drugs is very bad and destroys our little and incapable children aged just 17 !!

    Why a Pedo-like drug dealer who kills our “children” in their schools can have a Facebook and destroy our beloved nation and security even in the Pedo-Free Internet?

  3. BoyloveUberAlles! says:

    Until the so-called “minor attracted” begin to FIGHT BACK against feminist scum, NOTHING will change!

    That is why I support the targeted murder of ALL FEMINIST CHILD ABUSE PROFESSIONALS and any other internationalists.

    Right now, frankly, I don’t respect minor-attracted people much. They’re cowards!

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