Police chief Gavin Thomas calls for softer approach to ‘paedophile’ offending at ‘lower levels’ of crime

Unusually for a police chief, Gavin Thomas has heroically called for a softer approach to ‘paedophile’ offending at ‘lower levels’ of crime. In other words, according to him, he would like to see those who have ‘only’ downloaded images off the internet to be sent to treatment rather than prison. He in particular highlighted:

One of the major concerns from our members is managing the register already, and it’s growing. For offenders at the highest level there are visits to be made [and] monitoring access to the internet.

I imagine if some registrants started to get aggressive when they are harassed by the police then the register would become even more expensive. That’s of course one reason why registrants should make things difficult for the police. The more money you cost the police the better!

That said, Gavin Thomas must be supported for calling for less severe punishments, unlike feminist police chief Lynne Owens who is keen to continue celebrating CEOP’s disgusting work.

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11 Responses to Police chief Gavin Thomas calls for softer approach to ‘paedophile’ offending at ‘lower levels’ of crime

  1. Willhem says:

    I do not like anything, in fact even I’m offended, you are calling heroic this black shirt who call me a “paedophile” for like adolescents?

    sending treatment instead jail just for see 16 yrs girls in bikini you think is better?

    psychiatrists and psychiatry are worse than prison and police, a year of being in therapy and be castrated chemically and mentally and you will apply for euthanasia.. 7 years in prison for rape will not be nothing compared to being in treatment

    It should be supported by demand less severe punishment? but that you criticize me as I can be against ALL pornography (and not nude pictures)??but not this guy wants to send you to therapy as a mentally deranged?

    It must be supported being treating as a mental patient (As if the attraction to minors it was a disorder) rather than a criminal (As someone who breaks a law, like those who transgressed against the Nazi regime and the millions of tyrants in the past and now)?

    he is like a Nazi like Heydrich that just it makes for exterminate better those who make sex with 13 years old adolescents, to exterminate those who see young girls just to not fall into most disgusting adult pornography and destroy their minds ??

    The only thing that should be supported this state thug for you is because he is not a feminist because it is opposed to “severe treatment” for purely logistical (not moral) reasons, that “feminist police chief bitch” at least not hide his hatred like this SS reichfuhrer..

    there is no post where you do not mention feminism and laws, but not psychology.. who are the first to talk about child pornography causes pain to children again and again? remember if you make a post where you talk about the law that does not allow “children” under 13 use the Internet say it is because feminists…
    forget that surely it was psychiatry who was behind these law, those who created this artificial concept of “teen” at 13 to 19, those who they were behind that “teenagers are children”..
    that when you talk about the age of consent was created by feminists (but why Franco’s Spain had AoC and most anti-fem chauvinistic regimes too??) but forget they were the psychiatrists who said that attraction to people under 14 is a disorder called “paedophilia erotica” and all sexual contact with children (and therefore teens) is an aberration and harmful, so in Delaware is no longer legal to marry girls aged 7 is all because feminists bitches !!

    I like your fight against the Antis but you are really obsessed with feminism as Mccarthy was obsessed with communism, no offense

    • holocaust21 says:

      Point taken about treatment being worse than prison. Generally though I think they are still prohibited from using torture – at least in principle – so you still have the option to just refuse the treatment, throw shit in the feminist therapist’s face and go to prison instead! In any case, I feel that it is a step in the right direction towards seeing “paedophilia” as they call it not as an “evil” but as a “health issue”. Stage 2 can then be legalisation. I do see your side of the argument too, but my gut is that if the debate moves from being a fat feminist screaming for the death penalty and some police officer saying, no, no, we’ll just give them life imprisonment vs a police officer arguing for “treatment” and someone else arguing for legalisation then I think the latter is better 🙂 So go for it. Argue with that cop. Make the whole debate just be you and him with the feminists out of the picture!

      And on that note… Yes I do complain about feminists a lot. Yes psychiatry has played a substantial role too. However, I’d see it as possibly feminism is the underlying ideology, psychiatry is just one of the ways it manifests. The idea of the “expert” who understands this “evil” is a good tool for the feminists to use.

      I’ll take your Mccarthy comment as a complement – hopefully it suggests I might actually manage to drive the feminists away and demonise them! Yay!

  2. Willhem says:

    I like what you say, I understand the concept, but who sacrifices himself to argue with a cop? and the candidate to argue about legalization? I’m too anarchist to discuss laws with a cop..

    And about Mccarthy, well.. let’s say that now feminists are our Reds, and the Reds were bastards !! The Fem Menace begins…

    • holocaust21 says:

      who sacrifices himself to argue with a cop? You mean, as in, arguing for “legalisation” is too unPC? Well, the point is society shifts so while the last 30-40 years might have been relentless paedohysteria and man-hate it’s conceivable it could level off in the next 10 years as some cops argue it’s a “treatment issue” and a lot of men – particularly MRAs – are angry at false allegations and the spuriousness of paedophilia. As a consequence paedohysteria will be a “harder sell” with the public expecting higher standards of evidence. Thus, it is then harder to imprison someone for unPC views and the public will be more receptive to those ideas. The individual to spread them will then be someone with a higher appetite for risk but also ability to mitigate the risk. Either young, from a solidly middle class family who is thinking of turning it into an unPC career or someone older with significant capital/income streams to not NEED a job. The main risk factor of being unPC is of course job loss. Infact, as I reported on before, Amos Yee is someone who has already come out arguing for child porn to be legalised (he fits into the former category).

  3. Willhem says:

    Police officers are idiots who support an evil order! And the danger is not to die or be beaten? here where I live almost always end up beating up some right-wing fascist, I am concerned that some asshole put me two bullets to leave home if I speak publicly. Perhaps you only mean non-Minor-Attracted people.

    Apart from other MAPs or sympathizers whatever they do, I think go separately and pursue my agenda, of course, would have to make me public and known, I have nothing to lose neither work nor friends or anything, I just want teenagers, in this life or the other, and not would have to put my face on every television of the state I can keep a low profile too, but the cons are that I would have to reject the relative security of just blogging without public my face like the cowards who like the majority of MAPs and I will not give my life for ungrateful people who previously despise me.

    Really I would like to spread my philosophy as I put in my comments, but no one will accept, do not know what’s so strange, fuck is not weirdest the Raelian theology??I’m an admiral of the fleet without fleet, attack something that is sexual is useless, i say “all porn is evil” and Amos Yee “all porn is good” i say “sex with adults is evil” a thousand of times… fuck off now I’ll have to flood the planet with zeppelins with megaphones with litanies about a utopia of eternal sex with teenies and other funny things to cure adultophilia

    • holocaust21 says:

      There is always a danger of dying or being beaten, though I think people are sometimes more afraid than the reality. If you wanted to “go public” then you would have to make your own assessment of your local area – working class area = high risk, middle class area = low risk. Perhaps for a working class area the fears do match the reality (I know Nigel Oldfield has been chased out of his home a lot), but for a middle class area they will at worst try to use the legal system against you rather than vigilante action (I have not heard of Barbara Hewson being chased out of her home). By far the most certain thing is the economic penalties rather than vigilante violence.

      As for the rest of your ideas as I’ve said I err towards a Libertarian position. Laws are too rigid, you need a “looser” society as it’s often hard to determine whether something is actually good or bad – laws often end up getting things wrong. So if you want to argue “porn” doesn’t lead to the “good life” then sure, but I wouldn’t make a law against it.



    May the minor-attracted RISE UP!

  5. Willhem says:

    Nigel is minor-attracted, Hewson is not (to my knowledge) is only a sympathizer, I do not believe even in the more hysterical country in the world beaten you just for support lower the AoC not even for advocating pedophiles or sex offenders, here would be like your say economic attacks and defamation (‘paedo-advocate’ ‘sex offender advocate’ etc.) but if you admit that you are one of them is different, Nigel was outing because of some pedohunters fags not because he had a pro-minor-attracted blog but for being minor-attracted ,usually if you say you like 13 yrs old assholes do not break your face as if you say that you like 7 yrs old (They just start to insult you: ‘paedo’ ‘degenerate’ ‘girls are too young, go with women of your age perv’ blah blah), but you would call a “paedophile” (or the local variant) and ‘pedophile’ —> ‘child fucker’ —-> ‘pain’, yes, they are chimpanzees, but equally dangerous, must we very careful !!

    I understand, I also hate laws, I REALLY hate it, but I think it is a mental disorder and aberration to be attracted to adults or indulge in porn, and therefore the picture changes, because both causes me much mental pain and maybe killed myself before I could legally bang a teenage girl.. I’m not like a Christian complaining about everything, It’s because my mind causes me pain right now as I write, It is so painful as a type of schizophrenia.

    • holocaust21 says:

      Well, Todd Nickerson is another example of someone who hasn’t been beaten up (as far as I know) and he’s a self-confessed paedophile.

      Anyway it sounds to me like you personally don’t like sex with adult/porn and are pissed off with the way society tries to force you to. I wouldn’t kill yourself, if you’re gonna go down that route then might as well go for death by anti-paedo lynch mob and who knows maybe you find there is no lynch mob and everyone ends up agreeing with you and you win. The feminist ideology is looking increasingly shaky, though it will probably take some years – or even decades – to completely dismantle and I’m not sure if the billionaires are going to happily drop their pet ideology.

  6. Willhem says:

    A note: Todd is a self-confessed VIRTUOUS pedophile, the personal pet of Dr. Goebbels.. err.. Cantor, I guess the modern equivalent of mischlinge or half-jew in Nazi Germany or something, so which explains why has not been beaten.

    • holocaust21 says:

      Ok, well there are 850,000 registered sex offenders in the USA with all their names displayed on the internet etc and most of them haven’t been murdered by vigilantes. So take that! And to top it all off for these 850,000 RSOs they’ll all be in crappy poor neighborhoods as being a registered SO means they probably won’t have any money (except Epstein).

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