Men’s Rights Conference discussed in all major UK media outlets

The recent Men’s Rights Conference has today been discussed in most major UK media outlets. This was started – surprisingly – by an article in the Guardian but was then picked up by most other media outlets later in the day. There is much outrage from the ruling feminist elite, including Jeremy Corbyn and Tim Farron, spouting pure feminist hate mostly directed at Philip Davies, the anti-feminist MP present at the conference. There are calls for him to be suspended by Theresa May though so far I don’t believe she has commented. Obviously it is in a sense an embarrassment for the conservative party and whatever she does it is not likely to go well. If she suspends him, he is certain to fight back and sooner or later the whole feminist establishment will collapse. If she doesn’t suspend him then she’ll start to look like an anti-feminist female prime minister… Oh, that won’t be good for feminism!

Anyway, there is much debate and coverage appearing all the time so I suggest you head over to the Justice For Men And Boys party website to get all the latest headlines.

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