Met to launch £1.7m thought crime unit – and why we must disobey them

Truly shocking. The metropolitan police has today announced its intentions to launch the £1.7m thought crime unit which will specialise in investigating and arresting people for expressing politically incorrect opinions on twitter and facebook.

The UK with no written constitution is legally in a sorry position to deal with this power-grab by the feminist elite. However, the good news is that the UK has a history of usually (though not always) only arresting idiots for their speech, as opposed to true political dissidents. The reason the UK does not arrest many true political dissidents is because a true political dissident will, rather than hiding like most people do, try to create a media shit storm prior to their trial. The requirement for a jury trial for any significant sentence also makes such cases risky for the state as juries may come to anti-government decisions which will be extremely damaging for the government.

Yes it is true that the UK does occasionally go after political dissidents, however, the cost of doing so is enormous. They need to spend an enormous amount to launch an investigation to pin as much dirt on the individual as possible so as to portray them in the worst light. They then must launch a high profile media campaign of hate against the individual so as to neutralize them in the public – and jury’s – eyes.

I think the biggest effect of the metropolitan police thought crime unit – and the reason why they are launching it – is to frighten people into silence. It’s more about creating a climate of fear than anything else. If successful thousands more people are likely to be murdered by the police as a result of the police successfully managing to stop dissenting unPC opinions. But we must not let them be successful. We must disobey their laws. So let me start: Every thug who works for the ‘thought crime’ unit should be executed. Now arrest me for that, pigs!

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8 Responses to Met to launch £1.7m thought crime unit – and why we must disobey them

  1. Salem21 says:

    If that’s not 1984 Orwellian style, I don’t know what is! Of course, They justify it with some benign reason like stopping ‘hate speech’ or threats; Fuck, Try being a ‘minor attracted person’ on Twitter and see how many threats you get in one day — But we in the real world just ignore them — Others should try it too!

    • holocaust21 says:

      Exactly a lot of people say “oh you can have free speech as long as you don’t incite violence” but that’s bollocks. In practice the police don’t enforce such rules in a fair and consistent way, instead they target specific ideological groups. As a consequence these “anti violent speech laws” end up being used by bullies to victimise marginalised groups. The bullies will often antagonise the victim, often even making death threats against them. When the victim flips and retaliates with similar death threats the bullies will then report the victim to the police and he will be arrested. Even if the victim is able to use a “speech in self defense” argument (should that really have to be a thing!?) the bully can argue that it wasn’t her who made the original death threats (as there are multiple bullies) so the victim will then be convicted.

      In short, there is so much wrong with anti-speech laws I don’t know where to start!

  2. Salem21 says:

    Check this out, Sex dolls seized in Australian customs; Possession of these dolls can lead to a 450,000 fine and up to ten years in jail for fucking plastic! Fuck, Thought the US was draconian!

    • holocaust21 says:

      Well Britain was busily dishing out life sentences for possession of child porn at one point. I’m not sure if they can still do that as IPPs have now been abolished but they can certainly dish out up to 10 years in prison.

      I respect what the Japanese manufacturer is trying to do, but if the claims made in the article are true and he is a self-confessed paedophile then I don’t understand why he doesn’t try to campaign against the system in a more direct political way. He should start a Japanese men’s rights movement! Besides, loads of guys there are into lolicon…!

      • the answer says:

        Japanese don’t like to campaign against the system. They hate politics and debate. That’s why there’s no activism in Japan despite there are many pedophiles or lolicon

  3. Salem21 says:

    Maybe its because he’s in the Vir-ped persuasion, and believes in the ‘harm’ factor which nobody can explain in any objective way!

  4. Willhem says:

    The world is going mad? the world was already mad before all of we were born.

    I was watching on TV a history teacher in a class in China, the infamous country of submissive state slaves, and the teacher a nasty bitch with a smile that reminded me of that bastard named Mengele and other shitty Nazis, he was telling them their students aged 13 14 or similar (pets, rather) that the first emperor of china was 13 when he became king and was not ready to be king because was just like a fucking incapable child, even their pets responded submissively (like good Chinese servants to their God state) to their anti-scientific and ageist nonsense.

    There there was no western-style feminism in that bitch, it was just psychological and ageist trash, even one of the students (poor guy) said “(the emperor) was more intelligent and mature than many teenagers” as if they were incapable little kids and NOT fucking adults when reaches puberty (the same student for example), this is the garbage that our (adult) youth eat ALL THE DAYS in our schools and not only in gerontophilic-cratic CommieNazi China but around the world, in US, in UK in Germany, Japan etc.

    This is proof that adolescence and “teenage” does not exist, is nothing more than an invention created by astute psychologists and psychiatrists psychos (a plague spread over the earth, poisoners of youth, minds and societies) to infantilize young and make them submissive to the state and eradicate normal human sexuality, turning sane young adults to a rabble of deranged childlike people full of mental aberrations.

    IMO, seeing that adult trash what they do with our youth, I think anyone who dating an adult rather than a young deserves only jail and beaten to death!
    if someone prefers to engage with a bitter and sadist legal adult and not with a hot funny nubile young that guy is just a human waste!! adultophilia is a sexual aberration, a clinical disorder, is only for irrational animals, hebephilia is the natural sexuality to all sane humans, fuck off with tolerance!!

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