Lynne Owens, Director General of NCA, Publically Shamed For ‘Arrest First, Investigate Later’ Policy

The UK’s most senior police officer – who like most senior women in power was put in place as a consequence of ‘positive gender discrimination’ (anti-male) policies despite her appalling performance – has now been publically shamed for having an ‘arrest first, investigate later’ policy on rape accusations.

One of Lynne Owens victims, a 49-year-old said that the rape investigation had a ‘catastrophic effect’ on him when he was placed on bail for four weeks before the charges were dropped. In the victim’s own words:

There was not a shred of evidence in my case. This approach is out of control. It means anyone can turn up at a police station, make an allegation and you will be arrested.

The embattled Lynne Owens – who has received significant criticism on twitter from individuals including myself – remained defiant falsely claiming that “we were not always getting the balance right”. In reality of course even before her policies the balance was already heavily weighed on the side of not only guilty until proven innocent, but guilty until proven guilty. The recent addition of “Sexual Risk Prevention Orders” – which have so far been applied to men found not guilty of rape – should prove this fact to anyone with any doubts.

[UPDATE] Anna Raccoon, who was responsible for obtaining the evidence leading to the current media storm against Lynne Owens has written a new article on the issue showing how Lynne Owens has repeatedly lied in an attempt to pervert the course of justice. She would also like anyone who has been falsely arrested by Surrey police to contact her.

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