I’m having a baby with a sex offender

Interesting forum post entitled “I’m having a baby with a sex offender“, the particularly interesting part is the horrendous abuse that social services are trying to subject the family to in the name of “child protection”. Of course, in reality it’s social services that are causing harm to the child. The thing I find shocking is all these guys are being convicted of having perfectly consensual sex with 15yos and there is no outrage. Not even from the poor guy who’s life has been ruined by the feminazis. If I’d been convicted of having sex with a 15yo and then stopped from being anywhere near children then I would have killed the feminazi social workers who were terrorising me (and yes, social services are terrorists). Worst of all the stupid moderator even points the OP to the evil feminist Lucy Faithful Foundation for help!

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4 Responses to I’m having a baby with a sex offender

  1. Willhem says:

    I would like to do a post titled ‘I can’t believe that someone throw their life down the toilet with an adult!’.

    Much of these ‘sex offenders’ because of bang a 15yo but later they debase physically and morally with an adult, who will not defend his alleged ‘ephebophilia’ (not even refer themselves or no matter at all about it), even then thrown of bile for those that bang a 12yo, (only the hypocrites!!) for me is ok to harassing them, remove their children born in an aberrant relationship and giving them much prison beating, no, it’s not what feminists want, is what I want.

    Well, I have an advantage against social services: I’m not a paedo, I’m not interested in being around children, well for these cunts also teens count as children.. fuck!

  2. Salem21 says:

    How about this for a ludicrous article, You’d be hard pushed to beat this one:

    • holocaust21 says:

      It’s ridiculous but at least it’s against a woman. We’ll see if that “making men’s problems into women’s problems” principle of the MHRM actually works.

    • Willhem says:

      Be careful, the absurdity now come with Johnny Depp, former ? accused of domestic abuse, true or another false allegation? doesn’t matter, hired SJW slag has already gone to spit his sensationalism, the man is guilty just for being a man, only matters the version of the woman, now I was reading a digital newspaper of bourgeois leftists bastards in my language, calling it a ‘despicable man’, when a allegation is now a guilty verdict? and could not miss, apropos of nothing, as an example of his vile and miserable attitude, a mention of ‘old men’ who married with 15yo girls, literaly a bunch of radical feminist bastards like The Guardian! yuk!

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