Matthew Scott: Judge Lower was right not to lift the Sexual RIsk Order on John O’Neill – NO HE WAS NOT!

Shockingly Matthew Scott of BarristerBlogger has written an article saying that Judge Lower was right not to lift the Sexual Risk Order on John O’Neill. He argues this on the basis that John O’Neill had indicated his disturbing thoughts to his psychiatrist and GP.

I vehemently disagree. Sexual Risk Orders are wrong and have no place in a civilised society. Here’s what I wrote in the comment:

I’m pretty shocked you think this order is OK. Someone expressing certain thoughts to psychiatrists/GPs should be PRIVATE. If you allow the word of psychiatrists/GPs to be used in a court of law then people will simply stop going to psychiatrists/GPs for help. So instead, they’ll just go crazy in their own head and then maybe commit a terrorist attack.

Also important here is the AGENDA at play. Sexual Risk Orders were created by feminists. The idea is to make men afraid to form relationships with women by creating a puritanical anti-sex climate where any man knows he can be arbitrarily arrested at the will of the feminist police state. These sexual risk orders can and will be used on other men for a variety of reasons. Heck, the previous sexual harm prevention orders have already been used to great extent and entirely wrongly – yet sexual risk orders are broader! For example, Jeremy Forrest, the man who committed a completely victimless crime of running off with a teenage girl to France was handed a sexual harm prevention order to stop him from EVER having unsupervised access to children or working with them. That was entirely WRONG and the sadist knew it. Personally I think the judge who made that sexual harm prevention order should be handed the death penalty.

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1 Response to Matthew Scott: Judge Lower was right not to lift the Sexual RIsk Order on John O’Neill – NO HE WAS NOT!

  1. Willhem says:

    Hi holocaust21 I doubt go to a psychiatrist is better not to go, in fact it shows that psychiatrists are neither physicians nor have any respect to the Physician–patient privilege.

    And if someone commit an terrorist attack is not just for being crazy, it’s an act of desperation and knee-jerk defense against a sick and terroristic civilization! – just a point!

    But well said! in my opinon I would have supported the electric chair or perpetual exile in a prison island for those rabble who prosecuted Jeremy Forrest and their young lover and those who enforce disgusting Age of Crap laws!

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