Sex Offender Stands Up To The Police – And Why Kim Jong-un is Great!

An American sex offender has recently stood up to the police in a standoff outside his home:

“I will not got quietly. You might as well put a bullet in me now,” shouted the 56-year-old Andrews to the many officers who surrounded his house and blocked off the  major intersection.

Rather contradicting the narrative that the general public hate sex offenders, a large crowd descended offering support to the sex offender:

A huge crowd of neighbors, and people who said they supported Andrews and other curious bystanders gathered nearby.

At times, many of the adults chanted all kinds of things including, “Don’t shoot! Don’t shoot!”

Amazingly after the police surrounded his home with SWAT teams and various other tax payer funded thugs the police decided to leave claiming he “was not a threat to the community”.

Greg Andrews bravery must be commended, he should also be celebrated for a previous “offence” he committed when he stalked a Wyandotte County judge – for which he was sentenced to 30 days in prison.

However, it turns out that the reason the police left was because they realised they could punish the guy in a far more sadistic way than merely arresting him, or even killing him. The police instead decided to target his children:

Andrews said late Tuesday afternoon after the standoff ended, police were at the schools of his two children with social workers. Andrews said his 13-year-old daughter and 14-year-old son are now in state custody as investigators determine if his home is “a safe environment for the children.”

In North Korea they call this much more honestly “Three Generations Of Punishment”. Whereas in the West they call it “Child Protection” which is the exact opposite of what it actually is. So there we have it, Kim Jong-un’s so-called dictatorship is more honest than “the land of the free”! All heil Kim Jong-un!

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