Police Scotland Consultation – Tell Them Your Views!

Apparently police scotland have a consultation survey where you can tell them your views. If you are concerned about anonymity it can be filled in anonymously, they ask for your postcode but you can just put in a fake one with no problems. This is your chance to let them know how much you hate their obsession with prosecuting men for sexual offences. I told them that I wanted them to prioritise prosecuting false accusers of rape, false accusers of child molestation and serious criminals in the police (I specifically named Jim Gamble who drove 32+ men to suicide and Lynne Owens for her arrest first, investigate later policy). But feel free to fill it in as you best see fit (it might be better to put it in your own words, so it doesn’t look like spam).

The survey is available here.

The more of us who fill it in the more likely they are to take notice and realise the anti-feminist anger that is out there! To get an idea of how many people need to fill this in for them to take note, there were apparently a little over 10,000 responses for the previous quarter. So if even just 100 people were to fill this in then they should at least realise our views are out there and they need to consider them. If we get 1000 people filling it out then we’re really putting the pressure on!

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