American Sex Offender Registry On Brink Of Collapse

Thanks to a recent federal appeals court ruling Michigan’s sex offender registry has been ruled to be a form of punishment, rather than what courts previously claimed which is that it is regulatory. This means that the sex offender registry is now in violation of the constitution as it forbids retrospective punishments. This new ruling has come about due to the onslaught of legislation that micro-manages sex offenders lives which has gone far beyond what was originally in place when courts ruled it was regulatory.

There’s also another great article in a newspaper pointing out how evil the sex offender registry is and stating in particular – which is what we’ve all been saying here – that 23-year-olds who bang 16-year-olds are NOT perverts.

So that’s all welcome news. It looks like the ruling – as well as the increasing criticisms of sex offender registries in the mainstream media – may result in an onslaught of litigation that could potentially strike down many laws relating to the sex offender registry across the US. It may be some way off, but in time I’d like to see it abolished completely.

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