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Prosecution, or Persecution?

A great article by Herbert Purdy on the current witch hunt for vulnerable old men accused of sexual offences.

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I’m having a baby with a sex offender

Interesting forum post entitled “I’m having a baby with a sex offender“, the particularly interesting part is the horrendous abuse that social services are trying to subject the family to in the name of “child protection”. Of course, in reality … Continue reading

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America’s Child Porn Revolution: Another Judge Goes Rogue

Judge Weinstein is a particular judge who made a name for himself by refusing to hand out lengthy sentences for child porn. However, now a new judge has joined the scene, enter judge James Gwin who has handed out a … Continue reading

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Lynne Owens, Director General of NCA, Publically Shamed For ‘Arrest First, Investigate Later’ Policy

The UK’s most senior police officer – who like most senior women in power was put in place as a consequence of ‘positive gender discrimination’ (anti-male) policies despite her appalling performance – has now been publically shamed for having an … Continue reading

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Met to launch £1.7m thought crime unit – and why we must disobey them

Truly shocking. The metropolitan police has today announced its intentions to launch the £1.7m thought crime unit which will specialise in investigating and arresting people for expressing politically incorrect opinions on twitter and facebook. The UK with no written constitution … Continue reading

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Men’s Rights Conference discussed in all major UK media outlets

The recent Men’s Rights Conference has today been discussed in most major UK media outlets. This was started – surprisingly – by an article in the Guardian but was then picked up by most other media outlets later in the … Continue reading

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Man who forced 6-year-old to watch Night of the Living Dead convicted of child cruelty 20 years later

What. The. Fuck. This is ABSURD!!!

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