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Revolution On Campus: Freshers Walk Out Of Vile Sexual Consent Classes

Good news, Freshers have finally grown some balls and refused to listen to the truly disgusting man-hating sexual consent classes that are being taught at York University and slowly rolled out nationwide.

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Hypocrite: Labour’s Shadow Minister for Domestic Violence Previously Convicted of… Domestic Violence

You just couldn’t make the hypocrisy up. Labour’s female shadow minister for domestic violence was previously cautioned for beating up her husband with a framed painting. Shockingly she described it as a “slight altercation” despite the fact that she should … Continue reading

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Radical Feminist Owned On Dragon’s Den

Watch this video of a radical feminist appearing on Dragon’s Den and preaching her man-hating feminist vitriol before being ruthlessly criticised by the members of the Den: On a related note it’s worth remembering that the former Dragon Den star, … Continue reading

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Changing a Baby’s Diaper in Arizona is now punishable as ‘Child Molestation’

Hardly surprising, changing a baby’s diaper in Arizona is now punishable as ‘Child Molestation’ thanks to both the way the law is drafted and the judge’s interpretation of the law. Already one man appears to have been convicted under it. … Continue reading

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Domestic violence against men soars to record levels as number of cases treble in past decade

Shocking new statistics show that domestic violence against men has soared to record levels with 5,640 women convicted of assaulting their male partners. At least The Sun is reporting it!

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Andrew Lloyd Webber bemoans UK child acting regulations

Interestingly – and rightly – Andrew Lloyd Webber has recently complained that UK child acting regulations are too strict – forcing him to hire three times as many child actors (presumably because of limitations on the number of hours they … Continue reading

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Falsely Accused Simon Warr Rails Against Police in Youtube Video

Simon Warr, who was falsely accused of some historical bum-touching offence, has railed against the police in a youtube video he has made stating that the police incited false allegations against him. He is also calling for signatures to a … Continue reading

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