All In Support of Free Speech Martyr Peter Ronald Wexler

A guy named Peter Ronald Wexler has been arrested for making some excellent comments about FBI agents on his blog that I think reflects what most intelligent people ask themselves. Read the article for the full insights, but here’s some of the comments he made:

Is it murder to kill an FBI Pig who knocks on your door without a warrant?

If your FUCKING goons ever show up to my house, again, like they did on Labor Day, well then, “my knife will strike the necks…”

The hyperlinks go straight to his blog. He’s also highlighted police brutality and said what should be done to those cops in no uncertain terms, such as this post.

Fortunately, it sounds dubious whether they’ll manage to get a conviction or not as free speech is better protected in the USA than Europe. I hope they fail, but if they don’t, all we can do is to not be cowed by these police thugs and keep speaking freely anyway!

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