Is holocaust21 a shitty name for a blog?

I’d like to ask my readers if holocaust21 is a shitty name for a blog. I did it originally because I felt that’s where sex offender hysteria is heading. However, I think it doesn’t convey the message I want to convey i.e. that sex offender hysteria is the problem (as opposed to holocausts, which everyone already knows is a problem). So here’s a poll:

Also my traffic sucks. What is the magic formula that sites like breitbart, returnofkings and avfm have that give them so much traffic? Answers in the comments section 🙂

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13 Responses to Is holocaust21 a shitty name for a blog?

  1. Willhem says:

    The problem is that your name is too general and already used by many (looks like a blog of death metal fan or group), plus your blog only appears in the search if I put ‘holocaust21’ no ‘holocaust 21’ because that leads me to sites about gentlemen in striped pajamas or Adolf-lover sites.

    These sites work because they are also HUGE communities or quasi-political parties with many people and articles, and yours is just another blog in internet, plus they are masculinist-only sites and your blog is also pro-MAP, a thing which already makes people feel hatred for your blog and they will not come here for nothing, except to insult you.

    On purpose, I do not see any survey, that area of your post is blank.

  2. SonofSapphocidaire says:

    Surely, it is because so few other sites are linking to you. I first came here through a comment of yours on TOC’s only a few months ago. While you go unflinchingly to the heart of the totalitarian terror system being employed worldwide, established on the trampling of child sexuality, I am guessing those other blogs are permitted to be popular because they simply play into the false left-right paradigm in ignoring this truth. Actually, they play into the politics of fear themselves by hating on the sexual attraction inspired by beautiful children. It’s sad, but in fifty years time this will seem a golden age of opposition to the new system of terror. Your view-count is unlikely to increase as the task of bringing awareness to this issue is entirely HOPELESS.

    That said, in a thousand years time, after the destruction of feminism, it will be of interest to historians, so write on!

    • Willhem says:

      To holocaust21: I think it is because I have disabled Javascript, but still does not appear to me anyway.

      To SonofSapphocidaire and holocaust21: I’ve said a thousand times, feminism is only a catalyst for sexual adultism, like Nazism was a catalyst of anti-Semitism, while the left may be also antisemite too, feminists mistreat the Minor-Attracted? the conservative heterosexual does not speak to kill us if we approach his daughters?

      I’ve seen movies of 1940 calling ‘children’ to 13yo girls and talking about do not permit a marriage with ‘children’ and besides these films made in pseudofascist regimes, where there was also age of consent, where there is feminism there?

      As in Islam, some paederastic attitudes in aristocracy was allowed, that does not mean that Islam allows homosexuality at all. If ever were allowed someone to marry or hang out with young girls in the past and no today was just by chance of that moment, not because 30 years ago feminists came to power, yes, feminists have exploited the paedohysteric hatred, but also was exploited the Nazis with their ‘Der Sturmer’, and Christians, conservatives, atheists, and a long etc.

      English is not mine native language, I am very tired of repeating the same: our persecution is not because feminists, thats all about ‘adultophilia’, is an error of evolution, a type of genetic virus that needs to eliminate its competitors to survive.
      It is like the flu tries attempts to stir the greatest number of people so as not be eliminated, it is a damn virus, and has genetic consciousness like a genetic disorder.

      Besides the attraction to adults because is unnatural to humans in most cases involves a aberrated behavior of personality, so the ‘adultophile’ is like a psychopath, of there the dirty tricks that they make against us. why they ban porn with minors?
      It is done so that only you can see adult porn and make you want to do that with adults, and make you being sexually attracted to adults not young people.
      why they ban relations with minors? for that make you simply give up and dating with an adult, then now you’re one of them, to the end another threat to their virus (and their aberrated civilization) eliminated.

      SonofSapphocidaire, the conservatives heterosexual parents who you support hate you at the same level that socialist, queers and lesbians, because they are all adult-aberrated, that its attraction is an error of evolution and to survive they have to destroy their competitors, they know what they do and the same time is instinctive and irrational, have never allowed our attraction and relationships with young and never allow it, NEVER, no matters how ideology or creed or society in this world.

      Natural attraction in mature humans is for young people, and for young is natural to being attracted to mature people, attraction between mature adults it is only benign in a singular attraction, but as a rule, or the worst as ‘golden rule’ as people do in this civilization is a mistake that leave us to the destruction of our species, as a civilization of fornicators of animals, and crying against stupid feminists and degenerate leftists does not solve anything.

  3. holocaust21 says:

    Ok, so far there is no clear consensus but Willhem’s issue echos my own concerns… So what other names could I give my blog if I were to change it?

    On a related note, google trends is rather interesting to play around with. So far the terms that seem to have the highest score is “sex”, “porn” and “rape” with rape being rather far behind, but it comes up a lot higher than “paedophile”, “minor attracted” and “men’s rights”.

    I’m not sure if I can do anything constructive with this information! I think the issue is no one cares about sex offenders, paedophiles etc. It’s not even that they want to kill them. They just don’t care. The only people who care are a few loony feminists in the police who slowly bump off men. See, if you leave a killer to just run around killing two people a day then after a decade or so you’ve basically got genocide. And this seems to be what’s happened with certain killers who operate in the police.

    So how to make people care?

    • Filip says:

      1. I love your blog! 2. Modern which hunt rather than holocoust is the topic, maybe you can relate the name of the blog to this which hunt. Madness and psychopathy are two other terms that come into my mind. 3. About PR: It would probably need creative PR-actions to get a lot of people to your blog.

      • holocaust21 says:

        1. Thank you 2. Well both witch hunt and holocaust can mean anything. I feel like this has become more genocidal than a witch hunt which is why I chose holocaust 3. Yes I have absolutely zero PR skills 😦

  4. Willhem says:

    Holo, in all good-quality blogs there is always a bizarre crank [I work in H-TOC before]. Cranks normally came in two patters: pseudo-religious and pseudoscientific, I have both, you can choose the one you want, I think I would be good for the job, I am also good at trolling and in undermine serious post, as you’re checking right now, as I’m now in need I do for free but you know that we are quite expensive, right?

    Attached as plus, some name ideas for your blog:
    Mein Fuhrer Saville
    Return of Nonces
    Hololoax21 – Man genocide don’t exist!

  5. Salem21 says:

    How about ‘paedophilia today’….Or for Willhem ‘hebephilia today’

    • holocaust21 says:

      Well, I’m not so keen on the feminist idea of a “paedophile” as I don’t really think that’s a thing (age of attractions are usually broader). Also it doesn’t get so many searches but… Maybe rape today could work? I think most men these days can relate to the idea that they are all rapists and rape gets more searches. And it’s quite obviously trolling.

  6. Willhem says:

    The topic of feminism and masculinism is not my thing, I just try to give a bit of humor here, but I thinking it might be something about ‘teens are adults’ or ‘consenting teens’ or something like ‘children are sexual’ ‘teens are sexual’ something that people can find easily words like minor teen child sex abuse etc. something sort of ‘sexualkids’ ‘sexualteens ‘childsex hysteria’ or ‘childabusehysteria’ ‘childpornhysteria’ ‘minorsexpanic’ I think it would be a good way to look there for more traffic.

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