Man is first person jailed for VICTIMLESS “coercive control offences”

A man has become the first person to be jailed for VICTIMLESS “coercive control offences”. The woman who he allegedly “offended” against did not wish to press charges, however, it seems under the new laws it is possible for the police to prosecute regardless. This now means that interactions with “adult” women over the age of 18 are now treated essentially the same as with “underage” girls, in other words, the police will ruthlessly prosecute even against the victim’s wishes. It seems the lunatic feminists have now unintentionally removed any reason to obey age of consent laws! Bang an adult, go to prison, bang a child, go to prison.

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10 Responses to Man is first person jailed for VICTIMLESS “coercive control offences”

  1. Observer says:


    In 1938, there were 15,688,259 Jews in the world (1). Ten years later, it ie after the Nazi persecution and the alleged holocaust of six million gassed and cremated, had, worldwide, between 15,600,000 and 18,700,000 Jews, according to an article in the newspaper article ‘ The New York Times’ (2) signed by William Hanson Baldwin, an expert demographer.

    Take some the lowest rating, ie most favorable to the official thesis of the six million Jews killed, that is, 15,600,000 Jews, and observe it turns out that in the ten years between 1938 to 1948 ( period that includes the war years, from 1939 to 1945, during which ensures very seriously Hitler did kill six million Jews) Jewish population has remained unchanged, covering, with six million births, the alleged six million dead. That is, that in seven years of persecution, and three postwar years, the Jewish survivors of the massacre, 16 million less 6,000,000 equal to 10 million, have succeeded in a sexual boasting unprecedented in history, a population increase Over 60% of! And if the highest figure proposed by Baldwin, ie 18,700,000 Jews is taken, it would be that if Hitler actually did kill six million Jews, we would have an increase in population figure of nine million, or an increase over three million births another six million to supplement the six million Jews allegedly gassed or cremated by the Nazis.

    If there was in 1948 in the world eighteen million Jews, the birth of nine million Jews during the ten year period from 1938 to 1948, or a total increase of 100%, it is a physical impossibility. Not even when every Jew pubescent had dedicated, exclusively, twenty four hours a day to practice sex with pubescent women of their race (which had been unable to generate, in ten years, nine million suckers), it is in total conflict with the laws of genetics, however sexually obsessed you want to assume Freud coreligionists.

    (1) ‘World Almanac’, p. 74, 1947. Cifra provided to the World Almanac referred by the ‘American Jewish Comittee’ and the Statistical of the Synagogues of America.

    (2) Issue of February 22, 1948. The owner of this newspaper is the Jewish and Zionist Arthur Sulzberger Hays.

    • holocaust21 says:

      You have made an interesting politically incorrect point, however, I seem to have missed what the relevance is to this article?

      • Salem21 says:

        I suppose you answered you own question when you asked ‘is Holocaust’ a good name; You will attract certain ‘deniers’ to your blog — and the haters who are associated with far-right groups. they play with birth statistics to try to make (what evidently happened) seem impossible — As someone who knows about WW2 and the large resources that went into building extermination camps; Plus the wealth of accounts by survivors makes what happened pretty obvious!

        Though I defend their free speech to make these spurious claims — The problem with restricting free speech in this area is that it makes countering their ‘stats’ on Zyklon B etc difficult because of restricted information.

      • holocaust21 says:

        I think you are right in that there was a genocide (you can just watch some old films of post-holocaust where they show huge pits of dead bodies). Though I haven’t looked into it in great detail I think these deniers may have a point that the number of deaths was exaggerated. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was actually 3 million or something. Jews and the West wanted to make the numbers as high as possible to fit their agenda (only natural of course).

        However, this also means America’s holocaust of sex offenders seems much closer to the Nazi holocaust as the numbers start to look very close…!

  2. Carlos Rodriguez says:

    Greetings holocaust21 and other Anti-Feminists, I really feel concerned with what happens in Europe, immigration increasingly more, and governments do nothing. I’m not racist, but each race must take its geographic space and the Africa is for Africans and Asia is for Asians, plain and simple, their problems are theirs and not the rest of the world. But behind this it is the hand of the left-wingers and its tentacles.

    A friend told me he was in Berlin and told me that if I really want to know the real Germany, is more better to going into the further south, there will be able to find what are the true Germanic traditions, the best of its culture and history and not in Berlin, I using the Hitler’s term, this become a Babylon of races.

    This problem is a European level, it is a conspiracy, want to destroy European civilization, which has more developed humanity, and dignified man, so it hurts what happens and I do not want to imagine for you who live there.

    On the other hand, I also feel my regret what is happening to Men’s Rights activists, a bastion of truth behind us the Feminist’s media, and now wanting to silence the voice of many, always I said he would go to Great Britain to a Men’s Rights bookstore and buy many books, but the reality is different and very sad, many MRA are imprisoned in Europe and many bookstoresare closed, as well an editorial, I understand. Anyway, I hope friends and supporters of this poor man jailed for a thought crime join and go on demanding his release, at least it’s what I would do if I lived there.

    As always holocaust21, your blog is also a stronghold to show the world the truth, a light in the midst of feminist darkness, who just wants to inform the world that the lie that feeminists would have us believe will not last long, so I always follow your blog, I don’t write much here, but I always read you, post by post.

    A big hug from Mexico.

    • holocaust21 says:

      Thanks Carlos. I don’t take a particularly strong stance on the immigration issue either way, though I accept pro-immigration and pro-feminism seem to have got wrapped together in some convoluted way that is hard to decipher.

      Glad to hear you like my blog though!

  3. Salem21 says:

    Yes there are lots of figures banded about 6 million the most common — Even if its less then half, It still happened: Before the extermination camps were constructed they had what was called ‘death cars’…Where they were locked in the back and gassed. Also many were killed in special trenches, So its difficult to get exact numbers.

  4. Willhem says:

    The original Nazis were a bunch of bastards who believed that pubescents are not adults.

    Now Nazis and right-wingers in general, talk about to follow the Laws of Nature and they only look good sex with legal adults, not realizing that nature allows us dating girls since puberty.

    I like girls aged 12, it’s natural.. Wolfi, so please someone give them a kick in their Nazi fag ass!

  5. Salem21 says:

    But as we know ‘W’ many of the Nazis were indeed ‘fags’…In the early days homosexuality was rife and tolerated: The SA leader ‘Ernst Rohm was close to Hitler and an overt homosexual.
    At one point, In the Hitler youth, They wanted to parody the Spartans, Where homosexuality and pederasty was highly regarded, The masculine warrior type of homosexuality. But as Nazi policy was dedicated to heterosexual procreation, with as many kids as possible, Homosexuality was seen as a threat, Also the easy scapegoating that came with it. Hitler also knew society would not accept homosexuality and used that to scapegoat Rohm and depose him, Therefore integrate the SA into the Nazi party — and as a result — becoming the Nazi leader:

  6. Salem21 says:

    Have you seen this in hour into it, some guy makes a good point at 34.00 into the video

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