Changing a Baby’s Diaper in Arizona is now punishable as ‘Child Molestation’

Hardly surprising, changing a baby’s diaper in Arizona is now punishable as ‘Child Molestation’ thanks to both the way the law is drafted and the judge’s interpretation of the law. Already one man appears to have been convicted under it.

I think giving birth is also technically illegal in most places now, but of course women will never be prosecuted under such a law because “pussy pass”. However, in the case of changing diapers, obviously any man who changes his child’s diaper will be liable to conviction if caught (but not women, in practice). So sssh, be very secret when changing your kid’s diapers men! 😉

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4 Responses to Changing a Baby’s Diaper in Arizona is now punishable as ‘Child Molestation’

  1. ConcentrationCamp says:

    This is Arizona where they give off hundreds of years sentence to some teacher for downloading a few images, for which you’d get several months in England.

    Actually, recently it has dawned on me what is happening: there has always been the violation of civil liberties in the United States, but it was focused on Black people, who had to endure a living hell, but now it has simply been spread to everyone, what with our more egalitarian times.

    Americans, go back to cheering your land of freedom which is worse than Castro’s Cuba and the Soviet Union! Brainwashed.

  2. Salem21 says:

    Remember our conversation about a year ago, When I mentioned that the presenter on The Wright Stuff (Richard Madeley, who was filling in for Mathew Wright) Made a comment about daughters taking a bath with their dads; It was a story about a ten year old boy who still enjoyed a bath with his mother, But when the gender roles were changed (father & daughter) He said “Oh no, That is not appropriate”…That is the double standards that we have to live with.
    Remember when he had another conversation, Talking about putting sun-cream on his daughter on holiday, His daughter asked him to apply cream on her back, So he was just about to, Thinking nothing of it until his wife intervened…” I better do it” she said!
    So he seems to contradict himself, He acknowledges there’s a problem, citing his ignorance before his wife came to his rescue (or ruined his pleasure) him… Yet he is part of the problem.


    Madeley is an utter fascist cunt! His awful show with his bitch Blair-loving wife is/was daytime fascist rubbish in the UK(unt).

    So, he is suggesting that there would be something sexual about his taking a bath with his 10 year old daughter? Then he has SOMETHING to hide.


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