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HALF of all criminal cases now involve sex “abuse” charges

Absolutely shocking. Our entire criminal justice system is now dedicated to punishing men, nothing else.

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Who Protects Kids from Predatory Police and Prosecutors?

Interesting article

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Feminazi addiction to punishment: UK introduces yet another anti-male rape law

Absolutely astonishing and shocking, in a bid to further punish men and make it impossible to defend themselves in a rape trial the feminazis are introducing a new law that prevents men from knowing the identity of their accusers. If … Continue reading

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Donald Trump: A Men’s Rights Martyr

I’m sure you’ve all heard the headlines, scores of miserable old feminist hags are making sexual assault allegations against Donald Trump in an attempt to stop him obtaining legislative power and destroying feminism. Well, every allegation I hear against Trump … Continue reading

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Good News? Councils to be allowed to opt out of child protection laws

In a possibly unprecedented move for many decades the government just *might* be making some positive legislative moves. New laws are being introduced as part of the “Children and Social Work Bill” that will allow councils to opt out of … Continue reading

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