Good News? Councils to be allowed to opt out of child protection laws

In a possibly unprecedented move for many decades the government just *might* be making some positive legislative moves. New laws are being introduced as part of the “Children and Social Work Bill” that will allow councils to opt out of many child protection laws. I’m hopeful that this will reduce the number of innocent families torn apart by the evil laws and give better run councils the chance to shine by rejecting such vile legislation and instead opting for a cheaper more hands off approach.

Rather interestingly the article linked portrays the legislation as negative. I suspect this is because the article is written by radical feminist Sara Ogilvie who, rather ironically and depressingly, works for Liberty – the organisation that used to campaign for civil liberties (and did infact once upon a time campaign for the age of consent to be lowered) but after Shami Chakrabarti took the helm many years ago it is now nothing more than a feminist front. Nonetheless, to me the legislation sounds like a thoroughly welcome addition to British law, though I would of course prefer the abolition of so-called “child protection” legislation.

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