Feminazi addiction to punishment: UK introduces yet another anti-male rape law

Absolutely astonishing and shocking, in a bid to further punish men and make it impossible to defend themselves in a rape trial the feminazis are introducing a new law that prevents men from knowing the identity of their accusers. If you’ve not read Kafka’s The Trial then you damn well should because this is as Kafkaesque as it gets!

It is believed that the reason for the new rape law is because many feminazi MPs were aggrieved that Ched Evans had managed to beat them at their own game and win his freedom despite the system being completely rigged against him.

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6 Responses to Feminazi addiction to punishment: UK introduces yet another anti-male rape law

  1. Leader says:

    You need to check out this trash of ‘Feministic TOC’ [Heretic TOC] typical feminist apologist commenters, is a pit of Manginas!

    ””In addition, you do realize that a large amount of modern feminists support breaking down barriers for both genders? Though MRAs are loathe to admit it, feminists fight for many if not most of the same things they do. Radfems may hate men, but a small portion of a movement does not fully represent a movement. The thought that women are naturally more inclined to be mothering and more caring for children – the main reason why most elementary school teachers and volunteers are female – is not a female or feminist invention. Men are often pushed, by other men and the assumption that women will take care of the kids, to only focus on work or supporting the family through monetary means alone instead of on spending time with his kids. With feminism, stifling and traditional gender roles and stereotypes can be broken down. This means that women will not be seen as more fitting to raise and nurture children than men are, and men will not be seen as less fitting to raise and nurture children than women are. When men and women are seen as equals in terms of caring for children, I believe the thought that men must have an ulterior motive for wanting to be near children will disappear. Feminists and MAPs can peacefully co-exist, and in fact should try to do so. I believe “SJWs” should be present in the MAP community so that MAPs who are of color, gay, trans, or female can feel comfortable and be able to discuss things with fellow MAPs.””’

    ”””I said “pushed solely by feminists,” not “created by feminists.” Were feminists among the first of those who decried child-adult sexuality? Probably, but only as a pushback to cases of actual and harmful rape and exploitation. When people see all child-adult sexuality as rape, then it’s very easy to oppose it; if I personally believed that such sexuality was inherently harmful, then I would also oppose it.

    In addition, the opinion of those from over 200 years ago does not always correspond with the opinions of those from today. White people created Jim Crow laws back in the 19th century, but guess what? Tons upon tons of white people now know that such laws were dehumanizing and would oppose them now.

    Your girls likely gain more from feminism than you think, even if it’s in ways that aren’t readily apparent.”””

    • holocaust21 says:

      Whilst I respect those of the “pro-paedophile” persuasion for pointing out the ridiculousness of age of consent laws I have to agree that their downfall has undoubtedly been their acceptance of feminism. Blame must be made where blame is due and feminism is undoubtedly to blame. It is a cesspit of lies and any acceptance of this nonsense of “abuse” and it being “imperative that abuse is stamped out” merely fuels their flames. The idea that there is this abnormal thing called the “paedophile” when huge swathes of the male population are shown to have “paedophilic attractions” is laughable.

      Paedophilia is synonymous with being a normal heterosexual male. That said, we must still credit Tom for opening our eyes to a topic that the feminists didn’t want anyone to know the truth about and which, even many MRAs, try to tip-toe around as if to try and pretend they don’t want to bang a 15yo even when they do.

  2. Libertine says:

    “You need to check out this trash of ‘Feministic TOC’ [Heretic TOC] typical feminist apologist commenters”….Not me mate, I read that comment before and disagreed with it, Anyone with an ounce of common sense can see that feminism is incompatible with minor attraction because of the threat fertile young girls pose, The 70’s P.I.E supporting type of feminist would be in the minority.

    • Willhem says:

      and what you thinks about atheists? being militant atheists and MAP is incompatible too, because they try to destroy the religion / tradition, for example these movement against “child marriage” is made by mainly by atheists, like marriage with girls of 12 do make Muslim, or Hindu Indians marry underage girls of 16 or Christians to marriage with teenagers, typical of Mormons and other denominations. Obviously they are also infiltrated by feminists and homosexualist, they are one of the biggest promoters of “women rights” and “gay marriage” equalitarian junk. and who do the hysteria of Catholic priests? not confuse no believe in any god like me im a religious non theist and being atheist i.e a militant anti-religious pro-feminist.

      • Libertine says:

        In the UK you can marry at the age of sixteen, But you cannot have a nude pic of her until she reached eighteen of course.

  3. Leader says:

    More of Mangina Tom O’Carrol:

    “””””I agree with you on Finkelhor but find myself very sceptical about this:

    >I believe that in America, men have been charged with rape, and convicted, without ever meeting or touching the women concerned.

    References? Such a conviction could happen in the case of mistaken identity and other mishaps; but I don’t think the courts ever swallowed MacKinnon’s views to the extent you seem to be suggesting, even though she was an influential lawyer. There may have been convictions of some sort for sexual harassment by telephone or social media, but I don’t see how they could be charged as rape.””””””””

    You see this guy is a feminist Rape-Rhetoric addict.

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