Leon: A truly antifeminist movie

One of my all time favourite movies – and not just because of its extreme antifeminist content – is Leon: The Professional. Made in 1994 you might have seen it – it was a big hit mainstream movie and a truly excellent movie.

The film centers around adult Leon and 12yo Mathilda. The idea that they are girlfriend and boyfriend is never made explicit in the final film but you get a strange sense of what could almost be a slightly romantic relationship.

However, it gets even better if you watch some of the deleted cutscenes such as this one:

At that point the pairs relationship is made much more explicit and you will realise that the movie really is at its core a truly heretic antifeminist underage romance movie. Or indeed, if you read the original script (before it got rewritten to be more PC) then it gets better still, e.g. one example from the script:

MATHILDA (sweetly)

I love you, Léon…. Totally. It’s the first time I feel it that strong. It’s also the first time I trust a man. I trust you.

She caresses his hand.

…I love your hands….


Léon…in your hands…I’d like you to be my first lover.

Obviously if Leon were made today a paedophile ring in Hollywood would be discovered by the FBI as soon as the deleted cutscene and script appeared but even before that just the final watered down film would probably result in a whole horde of hysterical femihags screaming about the “sexualisation of young girls” and “paedophile apologia”.

This just goes to show how far feminism has taken society in trying to clamp down on something that was and is perfectly normal – and I think there are many other antifeminist movies out there made prior to the millennium. Perhaps I should start an antifeminist movie site?

Note: I tried to mention this movie on the J4MB blog here but alas I think facts are considered too unPC by Mike and he’d rather live in his feminist fairy tale world of locking up women for banging 14 year old boys.

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7 Responses to Leon: A truly antifeminist movie

  1. Willhem says:

    SORRY holocaust but masculism and MRA are not infested by feminism, they hate underage sex sincerely. Why? because masculism and alt-right are the same as feminism and the left and liberals, both have a plan to turn the humans into castrated and obedient beings who only have sex with adults and “people their age” as they are all statists and want the state and their unnatural laws to control the lives of people and not nature.

    The party is named: “Justice for Men and Boys (and the Women Who Love Them)”

    Women. Of course girls can not love men, because “underage or young girls are not enough old to consent and to be mothers” a pathetic sentence spoken out by feminist, masculinist, alt-right, leftists, anti-fascist, neofascists, liberals, conservatives, ie the entire spectrum of politics. For example, many of these conservatives in MRA groups previously spoke against this false social disease named “teenage pregnancy” and they all supported the age of consent at the same time than feminists, not later, AT SAME TIME.

    Honestly you can see any difference between Wikipedia, RationalWiki, Metapedia and Rightpedia? No. They all speak the same about underage sex and “paedophiles” (their fancy word). They are not infested with feminism (except the left ones like Wikipedia and RationalWiki) Metapedia and Rightpedia are indeed right-wings anti-feminists. Feminism is like the National Socialism use of the antisemitism issue, the hate of young sexuality has been used by feminists (from the hypocrites fascism-lovers suffragettes who wanted the AoC to 21) to the current ones, a type of religious fundamentalists using hatred to young sexuality, for example to their filthy lobby LGTB can gain unnatural rights, and undermining mens, yes, but the Nazis used it with Der Sturmer, and were absolute anti-feminist, most conservative countries had AoC although a lower one.

    In that sense, this “Anti-paedophilia” racket it’s a bit like anti-Semitism, that feeling is shared by millions of the most different ideas, but no one would say that is has uniquely been poisoned by its most prominent promoters, the Nazis, but it is a view shared by different reasons converge in hatred of the “Semite” this is the same with us. Feminism is the most dangerous enemy because they are in power, but the others are a danger too if came to power.

    After much thought I have come to the conclusion that I never can be part in masculinism, MRA or alt-right, in any case I reject them sincerely, as I reject absolutely feminism too, liberals and the left, they hate sexuality with young to control humanity and their sexuality, ALL are a scam, do not stay caught only with “feminists” like the guys who are all the time spoking about “international Jews” and the other side “priviledged whites or mens” and that crap. That weakens you AND MAKE YOU FALL in the mouth of the wolf.

    • Libertine says:

      I’m not that familiar with masculism and MRA sites where they condemn MAP’s, Do you have links or certain blogs to confirm this, You could be correct because I usually just concern myself with ‘pedo’ related topics…cheers

      • holocaust21 says:

        Well Milo Yiannopoulis has made paedohysterical comments like suggesting paedophiles should be locked up for life and Paul Joseph Watson once advocated that Todd Nickerson (a self confessed paedophile) should kill himself. Both of those individuals come definitely under the alt-right banner and as a consequence somewhat under the MRA banner.

        Example video from Paul Joseph Watson on “paedophilia”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nCUjZzuMQq8 (sorry I can’t find the one where he advocates for Nickerson to kill himself but this is also pretty anti!)

        Interestingly as an aside I just found this dude who made a video in response to Paul’s and argues against his hateful rhetoric, he seems to have other vids questioning the legitimacy of paedophile hate: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=53O16Ckl6DI

      • Willhem says:

        Just go to Metapedia, Conservapedia or RightPedia and put “pedophile”, Roman Polasnki etc. or anything related, you find it even when browsing in randomly, although I referred mainly to Teensex and not pedophile attraction but they hate all for example let’s see the rightpedia, the alt-right wikipedia (even worse than metapedia trough):

        First, here talking about X people they hate (rightly or not) about raping and molest underage girls in their typical hysteria, bah is normal:

        Here they complain about the scam of the “rape culture” of feminists, but sex with girls of 12 is the “real rape” …

        In “Rape culture” They not speak against the concept of statutory rape as a weapon of feminism.

        First prize on hysteric and idiotic trash:
        Second prize on hysteric and idiotic trash:

        “PNVD – Another organisation that advocates abolishment of laws which protect children from sexual abuse.” PATHETIC.

        Therefore minors can not consent to sex, is rape, but is ok to have an abortion, as long as they see it necessary, as feminists with “sexual reproductive rights for teenagers” and they can not consent in the first place !!! what a hypocrital scum!!

        They contradict here, It follows from this that that being attracted and have sex with at 12 is GOOD at least pubescent, but they do not see it as the imbeciles the are:

        “This paraphilia is abhorrent to the laws of nature because the purpose of the sexual organs is reproduction of the species and the building of a family. A female does not begin menstruating until the age of 12 at the earliest, as a result humanity’s biological instinct is to reject it as disordered and anti-social across most high-civilization cultures and religions of the world.”

        This is the garbage I found in only 15 minutes of searching. Go figure! The rest of antifeminist and alt-right sites, the same, do no worry I checked it.

  2. Libertine says:

    Fuck yeah…I remember watching that in 1998, I remember the year because I was dating a 16yo back then, And was rather infatuated being young (younger)!
    Can’t remember if they aired that particular scene though, But remember the one where she tells his that she thinks she’s in love with him, And where she’s wearing different costumes, And you can see that he’s getting flustered, I would be!
    Another similar, albeit older film is Tiger Bay with Hayley Mills where she forms a friendship with a Polish man trying to get back to his homeland.

  3. Libertine says:

    According to the guy in the first video, We should all ‘kill ourselves’…And he accuses us of being nihilists! That reminds me of a film called God Bless America, Where this guy is happy to waste people randomly because he doesn’t like their celebrity persona, Yet having sex with an underage girl whom he has befriended is somehow beyond the pale!

  4. Yure says:

    Thanks for sharing. May as well try.

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