Life Through the Eyes of SJW’s

This video clip from “Mad TV” is incredibly amusing and describes, in a nutshell, EXACTLY how SJW’s behave:

It even illustrates why one should always be assertive and NEVER apologise to an SJW!

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3 Responses to Life Through the Eyes of SJW’s

  1. Libertine says:

    “Your account is suspended and is not permitted to perform this action. Learn more”
    That’s what you get on Twitter, Only second account mind, That’s not bad going, Think it was from last week, encountered many SWJs who, I bet, Are still there despite all the death threats of mutilation etc directed at me, Not that I give a shit, Though, It was them who were sending threats so why did they suspend me those spineless cretins!

  2. SickToDeathofMisandristLeftists! says:

    Fuck this society

  3. Libertine says:

    Society is fucked, With the contempt moderators have for free speech. You have people sending death and mutilation threats at someone that has a neutral standpoint regarding paedophilia who does not send abusive comments, Just the idea alone can get you suspended, Yet those that are sending threats are still active. As for Twitter, I liked following Nigel Oldfield, Though he seems to surround himself with Vir-peds, There are pro-contacts about, But not in the numbers like before, There is one ‘on the fence’ on the pro-contact issue who usually writes about MGM and the hypocrisy compared to FGM. But we are still out there in the shadows, Do they think just by silencing us that this issue is just going to go away LOL!

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