Sex Offenders & Public Perception: Fiction vs Reality

I just came across this video on youtube from one of those American shout shows:

Now if you watch the end of the video and also read the comments on youtube you’ll notice something interesting. At the very end the guy was asking if “there is a reason to punish someone again for something they did 9 years ago” which received a huge applause from the audience. However, the comments are all the usual stuff that we’ve been conditioned to expect calling for surgical castration etc.

So the question is: Why the big discrepancy? It’s almost as if people on the street have a totally different opinion to people on the internet. Or maybe the only people who bother to comment on those articles are feminist psychopaths and everyone else is disinterested.

Hmm… Clearly the hatred of sex offenders is nowhere near as ingrained as the media would like us to believe.

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12 Responses to Sex Offenders & Public Perception: Fiction vs Reality

  1. Monique says:

    wow.. just horrible..your blog is trying to normalize is disturbing to see that now this is the trend..showing that a relationship between a middle aged man and a very young child is normal and perfectly natural..

    It is quite shocking that we reached this point where these kind of blogs now pop up, and people cant see nothing abnormal about it. Blogs as a matter of fact have always been used as an efficient tool to brainwash..your blog is doing just that,,brainwashing

    avoid this blog..trash that presents child abduction and pedophilia in a positive light!!

    • holocaust21 says:

      Feminist blogs (like The Guardian) brainwash. How about you target those?

      I’m not saying that a relationship between a middle aged man and a very young child is normal and perfectly natural. I’m saying a relationship between a 40 year old and a 14 year old is normal and natural. Nor have I ever presented “child abduction” in a positive light so take that in your pipe and smoke it!

  2. Libertine says:

    Feel free to join this debate, I’ll be into middle of next week at this rate:

    • holocaust21 says:

      I posted the following in the thread yesterday, however, my comment hasn’t been approved and I somehow suspect it won’t be:

      I agree with a lot of what George is saying so I’ll give my answer on what society gains by abolishing child sex offence statutes:

      – Less taxes spent on needlessly incarcerating males. This could then be spent on more useful activities such as healthcare or tax breaks.

      – Less human suffering for those caught in the merciless state machinery. The United States has nearly 1 million registered sex offenders. ONE MILLION!!!

      – The families of convicted sex offenders, particularly their children, are also punished as a consequence. This results in children living in poverty, being bullied at school and generally have a hard start in life. See this girl’s story for instance (she is a child of a falsely accused sex offender):

      – More male teachers (as male teachers won’t have to fear being jailed on spurious child molestation charges anymore) giving boys better role models to help close the “education gender gap” whereby boys underachieve compared to girls

      – Improved inter-generational knowledge transfer. Allowing youths to form deep meaningful relationships with older partners will allow them to learn important life skills that otherwise would be much harder to come by.

      – Lower rates of depression in youth – being able to find a life partner earlier will lead to a more fulfilling life rather than finding you are 40 and still single.

      – Lower crime rates as less convictions for sexual offences means those individuals can continue to live normal lives rather than becoming impoverished after incarceration forcing them to steal in order to survive.

      There’s probably more reasons, but those are a good start.

      • Libertine says:

        Cheers…I noticed your comment after, So at least he does allow them, But the buck always stops with the moderator, He may decide, I don’t have an answer and just bin it, but he seems fair…so far it least.

      • holocaust21 says:

        Yep to his credit he did allow it. Let’s see if he allows my additional replies đŸ˜‰

  3. Willhem says:

    Panda Security is a pro-feminist company, in its official blog about internet security they speak about feminist inventions like grooming, sexting etc. with these supposed vulnerable “adolescents” in internet and other feminist lies.

    Do not use that crap on your computer. It would also be nice to check other security companies, no one with a brain wants to useful idiots of feminists who believes that dating to a underage girl is “grooming” to “protect” their computer.

  4. Libertine says:

    In his next blog, He may write about how doing a blog about MJ attracted all these ‘paedos’ from the shadows!

  5. Libertine says:

    Girl of thirteen made to marry her ‘rapist’, But it was not rape when you read the story. Notice the women protesting, all dried up and seen better days:

    • Willhem says:

      It is the fault of men themselves who have relationships with minors, they never attack Antis or even organize themselves individually, while those old hags organize to destroy us.

      There is not a single man or women in a inter-generational relationship who do something, all are hidden while some of us at least try to do something, in the country where I live there are 0 organizations in favor of intergenerational relationships, and in most countries either none.

      That man going to make a group against those bitches?

      They attack us because they can do. We are not state-sponsored fags, we are enemies of the new sexual order, our struggle is not of social acceptance is to force them to leave us in peace if they do not want consequences.

  6. Libertine says:

    ” I live there are organizations in favor of intergenerational relationships”

    I can only think of the Netherlands, And the ‘freedom and diversity’, party was closed down. Such contempt for free expression in an otherwise liberal (small L) country.

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