Finally a man falsely accused of rape did the same thing I would do in that situation…

He killed the thuggish twat confronting him!

Finally an accused sex offender with some balls. Perhaps if there were a few more of these cases then these thugs might suddenly realise that they aren’t going to get away with beating up someone just because they “think they’re a paedo”.

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6 Responses to Finally a man falsely accused of rape did the same thing I would do in that situation…

  1. Schopencock says:

    So instead of going to jail for rape he went to jail for murder?

  2. Libertine says:

    And don’t forget Mr Oldfield who stood up to the gathering pond life!

  3. caamib says:

    This entire metro article is jumbled beyond belief. How did he rape her and what business did the murdered guy have in confronting him? He got what’s coming to him in my mind.

  4. Teresa Huizar says:

    In part, I am cheered to know that in 2017, American society still finds defending the rape of children beyond the realm of acceptable discourse. But fascinating as it is to recount Milo’s many other transgressions, his gut-churning comments about child sexual abuse reveal a vile and all-too-common myth: that children under 18 can somehow consent to sex with adults. They can’t. Full stop.

    It’s heartbreaking to see an admitted child sexual abuse victim like Milo attempt to minimize his trauma by insisting that he chose it. In the world of Children’s Advocacy Centers, where we coordinate the investigation of child abuse and provide services to heal the trauma it causes, we hear it over and over—from the incest victim who has been told by her father that she “came on” to him to the child aged just 16 abused by his coach that truly thought that the person who exploited him loved him.

    • holocaust21 says:

      Are you trolling or retarded?

      Your line of reasoning is so idiotic there’s really no arguing with it. Could it be that you are jealous that all those 16 year old girls are more attractive than you? And you want to ban sex with 16 year old girls so as to increase your own sexual market value? I think so.

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