Boycott Travelodge

Travelodge, a radical feminist chain of cheap hotels, has called the police on a father who booked a room with his daughter

The particular member of staff who called the police is obviously a psychopathic individual who, like most males who call the paedophile unit on other males, is himself a paedophile.

However, it is also disturbingly apparent that the actions of this member of staff are incited and encouraged by Travelodge. Revealingly in their statement on the case they state:

Our colleagues are trained based on current national guidelines from the NSPCC, the police and other agencies and in the past, hotel team actions have led to successful intervention to protect young people.

The NSPCC are of course known to be one of the world’s most evil organisations who are dedicated to promoting the feminist idea that “all sex is rape”. Furthermore the implication that Travelodge have in the past reported other hotel users to the police and successfully had them arrested, imprisoned, raped and presumably killed is deeply disturbing.

And finally they give the Orwellian:

We take our responsibilities towards protecting children and vulnerable young people extremely seriously.

That final comment is like Hitler saying he’s protecting Jews by killing them all. It would be completely and utterly laughable if these people weren’t so dangerous and genuinely insane.

Boycott Travelodge!

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3 Responses to Boycott Travelodge

  1. Katherine says:

    Well said!! It’s Orwellian/Hitlerite indeed!!

  2. Willhem says:

    You know that Germany just recently (I believe it was yesterday) has pass a criminal NAZI law that ban any marriage under the age of 18? literally you are unabled to marry a 17-year-old is the last insult of that aberration called Federal Germany literally leaded by an old hag and a parliament of manginas.

    A country of weak and feminist democrats where you could already be imprisoned for having relationships with 15-years-old if they (some femihag judges) are considered her “immature”, 40 years ago if you said that a girl of 15 was a “child” would have laughed in your face. While the real perverts (you know what I mean) walk unpunished.

    As long as man is submissive to women and to the feminist-modernist-democratic system, the decent and good men, can expect nothing of this life, neither in the social or sexual ladder. Nor the young girls can expect anything valuable in their best years of life.

    Male homosexuals too? Compare Milo before milogate and after:
    First a sensitive guy who advocates that boys have consensual relationships with older men who help them not to fall into drugs and violence.
    Then a coward and miserable who came to say that he was “abused” at the ripe age of 16, which in all of history (except the last feminist 60 years) of humanity was considered an adult.

    The feminism system oppresses us for the simple fact of being men, they hate us for having masculine feelings, masculine sexuality and for seeking recognition as men we are. They lie, and they lie to maintain their privileges as women (and men who are their “allies” (or useful idiots) and their system of oppression that needs fools and weaks to maintain it.

    All the human excrement like this denying this would not have survived 5 hours not only in past UK and US, nor just in the Roman or Greek empire, you seriously imagine these idiots saying “gender identity is a social construction”, “men are rapists” or ” Marrying a 15-year-old is child abuse “, they would have ended up crucified, and for good reason.

  3. Libertine says:

    I heard that interview on five-live, It was no surprise to me unfortunately! Its reminiscence of east Germany under the Stasi.

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