Child Murdered by Paedophile Hunters (aka Police)

In a shocking incident an American child by the name of Corey Walgren was forced to kill himself after being targeted by a group of dangerous out of control anti-paedophile vigilantes known as the American Police, or more specifically, Naperville Police led by Police Chief Robert Marshall.

The child was doing what all normal children used to do – have sex with other kids – when the police decided to threaten him with child pornography charges and sex offender registration. The message the police thugs gave him was clear: Commit suicide yourself now or we’ll make you suffer a fate worse than death. He chose death.

His parents are now clearly angry and attempting to sue the police. It seems that in today’s world high profile child murders are not committed by paedophiles but by paedophile hunters. It’s high time we abolish the sex offender registry and the age of consent, for the good of our children!

  • It’s also worth noting that the male suicide rate is 3-4x that of the female suicide rate. The way in which men are constantly told that fucking girls is rape and the way in which they are repeatedly arrested for that “crime” is undoubtedly a significant factor in this.
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9 Responses to Child Murdered by Paedophile Hunters (aka Police)

  1. Libertine says:

    What’s your take on the whole ‘Rotherham’ scenario? You often hear the 1’500 figure bandied around. But I think, Like many ‘sex crimes’, The media only focuses on a minority of incidents that arouse peoples emotions. I’m sure not all of this 1’500 were ‘grooming gangs’ but underage sex under the current age of consent. There’s been a drama about it last week, I didn’t bother watch it for the bias BS a lot of it is.

  2. holocaust21 says:

    I gave my take on the Rotherham report here:

    I’d also add that the report never really gave clear references to where all those so-called rapes that it claimed happened came from. It seemed to be just a series of dodgy anecdotes and some references to other reports which also didn’t really have any real breakdown of the evidence. I know Chris Saltrese also wrote a good critique of the report, unfortunately the original critique seems to be giving me a 404 but a summary is here:

  3. graytwin says:

    This is a reminder, not that we needed any, that something like 95% of so-called “child pornography” is basically horny teenagers filming themselves doing sexy stuff and sending or showing the videos to friends. That’s it. This is literally all there is to it. And yet, people are dying because of the inane pedo-hysteria around this issue.

    It is unfortunate that, next to the insane Feminists, many alt-righters also participate in this pedo-hysteria witch-hunt. What a shame.

  4. Libertine says:

    Never thought I’d end up defending someone like David Beckham; The fundraiser of many anti-male charities; But check this out:

  5. Honey_Bee says:

    I never said you were a part of Pizzagate… BUT since you want to claim that girls under 18 are sexual predators to innocent mens, thanks again for confiming, it lends so much credence to our research. You are a manipulative charleton and a danger to children just on your antifeminist pedo promise fairytale alone, you are trying to cull more pedophiles to lower the age of consent under 18 to you can be free to fuck children. You are apart of Pedogate because mainstream media is not addressing this normalization of pedophilia and the public grooming you people are touting as free speech, it’s nonsense. This is untreated, mentally deranged Pedosadism… whatever you believe in your corrupted MRA head of yours, whether you are trying to convince people that pedophiles need acceptance, or that ‘normal heterosexual mens’ are harmless child fantasizing window shoppers, that your kind should start promoting and organizing a cause to stop the oppression and hate, or if you think little kids, SPECIFICALLY POSTPUBESCENT TEEN KIDS, really want sex with adults… whatever way you try to present it, YOU ARE NOT GETTING A BLESSING FROM THE REST OF CIVILIZATION TO EMBRACE A DISORDER AS DANGEROUS AND TRAUMATIZING TO CHILDREN AS CHILD LUST/RAPE, we will not relent. It is a sad day on earth when young ones have to be warned about these kinds of pedophile advocates. Teen children under 18 should be protected. You are promiting the lust and sexualization of teen children, likening MRAS to a minority that suffer from inequality or oppression, maybe you think people that like MINORS are safe to have your children alone with. Its wrong and you are mistaken for thinking this stupid write up is hurting my feelings or exposing anything about me, my followers know who I am and they AGREE with the sentiment that MENS are PEDOPHILES and need to get mental help, not parade around demanding people accept this horrific rationalization of your disorder.

    • holocaust21 says:

      Are you the same honey bee as owns this youtube channel?

      Do you actually have a job or anything better to do with your life or do you just troll the internet calling people “child sex predators” and generally spreading hateful nonsense?

      Still living in your mother’s basement… hmm? No boyfriend? Hmm… I wonder why 😉

      At least you admit that you consider all men to be paedophiles. You just lost the support of 50% of the population right there. Well done!

    • Yure says:

      Oh, you must be Melissa Zaccariah! Finally, I have a chance to talk to you. How are you going? Hopefully, you are alright. I think you are a little bit off in your comment and I’d like to address some of the issues I found in here. Pretty please, take no offense, it’s all a friendly suggestion that you can drop anytime.
      First, I don’t know what’s pizzagate. Could you explain me in depth? I may have read about it, but I haven’t seen anyone being able to explain it decently. That, or I’m missing something.
      Okay, onto the comment. In my country, age of consent is 14. So, a person who is at least 14 can, almost “legally”, predate another person, even if adult. I have seen it before. Then again, it’s actually rare. You mentioned a research too, I wanna read it, if you still have it. It’s late, so it doesn’t have to be today.
      Age of consent is already 16 or 17 in some parts of United States. Like I said, it’s 14 in my country, 15 in France, 13 in Japan, 21 in Bahrain and so on. Nonetheless, out of those countries I cited, only United States is in the list of the five countries with the largest amounts of child sexual abuse. So, don’t worry, I don’t think that lowering age of consent would increase the number of violent sexual assaults, or any sort of sexual assaults, against children, as age of consent seems to have no correlation with child sexual abuse prevention. Plus, in a place with harsher laws, a lot of well-meaning people who could provide a minor with a safe and pleasant experience are holding themselves back, but real sick people don’t care about the law and offend anyway, meaning that the age of consent, when high, may be discouraging only positive encounters. I think you should chill, you are often very stressed and that kind of worries me too. I think you could benefit at looking how other cultures treat child sexuality or attraction to minors, both now and in the past.
      It’s worth noting that in those places where age of consent is low, those teens still get legal protection in case of forced or harmful sex. So, if age of consent were to cease to exist, minors would still be protected by the regular rape laws. That means that they wouldn’t be completely defenseless. So, supposing that age of consent was abolished, you would still go to jail for having penetrative intercourse with a prepubescent, for example, because that will likely harm them. But a non-penetrative activity, akin to those that children often practice among themselves, would likely be harmless. I really think that a lot of money is spent into prosecuting those cases where no victim is present. That money could be better used in the maintenance of education and healthcare.
      I am glad that you seem to make a difference between pedophile (a word that usually means “lover of children”) and pedosadist. However, from a etymological point of view, “pedosadist” seem to mean “sadistic child”. I could be wrong. Wouldn’t you rather use the word “misopedist” (like “misogynist”), which means “child hater”? I think that was proposed to the ICD-11 comittee.
      There’s an article online that does say that teenage girls desire older men. I could link it to you. Also, I have a copy of the DSM handy and ICD-10 can be viewed online, I haven’t seen child lust or child rape as disorders. I do think that raping a child is bad for the child, but it’s important to define what rape means in that sentence. Are we talking about literal rape (force) or the legal definition (which can be statutory), which do not coincide? And scientific evidence shows that, at least if we go by the legal definition, it’s not always traumatizing nor dangerous and sometimes is recalled as positive.
      I believe that children should be protected too. But the current degree of protection is also harmful to the minors, because, upon criminalizing a positive relationship, we cause secondary victimization to the minor, by putting him on forced therapy, as well making him go through the legal system. See this very post you commented on, for example. It could go as far as saying that children who are having sexual contacts with each other should be protected from the police, as the suicide order came from the police. If age of consent was abolished, only negative contacts would be punished according to the regular rape laws. I think that would be better.
      You seem to also use teen and children as equivalents. I think they are not, by the way. Also, this post didn’t seem to make any reference to you or your feelings. So, rest assured, he is not attacking you. I also noticed that some of your followers are men and that you use the word “pedophile” in a negative sense. Don’t you think your male followers would be angry at seeing you comparing men and pedophiles, for as long as you use pedophile as insult? I mean, that counts as misandry, which is a form of discrimation. You could be charged for hate speech.
      Hopefully, I wasn’t rude, nor upset you. If I did, forgive me, that wasn’t my intention.

  6. Yure says:

    Saddening. That is truly heartbreaking. Poor tyke.

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