Australia Prepares to Ban Sex Offenders from Travelling Overseas

Australia is imminently going to ban sex offenders from travelling overseas. The world just keeps on getting worse.

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4 Responses to Australia Prepares to Ban Sex Offenders from Travelling Overseas

  1. Just A Human says:

    Please your opinion!

    • holocaust21 says:

      She’s a stupid man-hating feminist bitch. At the end she claims sarcastically that “the Illuminati matriarchy secretly controls the west and wants to destroy all straight white men”, well, here in this very article we see that Australia are going to ban men convicted of “crimes” as heinous as kissing their girlfriends or downloading images off the internet from leaving the Australian prison colony so I think it’s clear to me the matriarchy are trying to destroy all men! Though I’d remove the words “Illuminati” and “straight white” as those are dodgy alt-right ideas and I’m going off Trump.

      • Willhem says:

        But if this “person” is not more that 19 years old and says that sex with girls of 17 is rape, poor sick head, they are not to blame for being insane like a schizophrenic or a paranoid. We must be compassionate to the mentally ill, do no harm us just for evil.

        He mainly gets visits for men who masturbate with his face of attractive underage teenager, and tells you that you like underage teenagers is wrong. It’s the logical of stupidity.

        The older feminists say that liking girls of 19 is a perversion, and those of 19 that under 18 is perversion and so on, and so on. ——> MORE MARKET SEXUAL VALUE

        So you say that these ‘person’ are not mentally ill and are telling men and women under 18 what they should do with their bodies? they are rape advocates and misandrists. Feminism is organized misandry and men rape.

  2. Libertine says:

    ” 25-year prison sentence for anyone who engages in sexual activity with children overseas”

    You can get less than that for murder FFS!
    ” to encourage tourists to report suspicious behavior between adults and children there”
    age-apartheid at its finest.
    Its funny how people were complaining about some of the skimpy costumes used in the Manchester ‘love’ concert. 22 people blown to bits by a religious nutter and all they can think of it, Oh this is ‘inappropriate’ for teenage girls to watch. On a positive note regarding all this terrorism; The sexual offences Police units budget will be a bit stretched given the current circumstances.

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