Nigel Oldfield Argues With A Paedohysterical Radio Host

One of Britain’s most fearless and outspoken anti-paedohysteria advocates (or is it the most outspoken and fearless?) recently rang into a radio station – which was supporting violent thug Chris Wittwer – to condemn both Chris Wittwer and nonsensical paedohysterical attitudes.

Watch it here:

Nigel Oldfield does a great job of arguing his point against unimaginable hostility from the incredibly bigoted and vile radio show host.

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15 Responses to Nigel Oldfield Argues With A Paedohysterical Radio Host

  1. Katherine says:

    He is indeed the most remarkable and amazing man. He stands up for those who no one else will dare to stand up for – putting his life on the line to challenge prejudice and the unforgiving attitudes of the intolerant and judgmental. I am extremely proud of him. Thank you for this post!

    • holocaust21 says:

      Good of you to stop by 🙂

    • Fabooka says:

      We know who you are. You were all over TV pretending you were locked up by some Curry house bloke. Now you are living with paedo Oldfield.
      Yes. We know. And so does all the investigaors.

      • Da Staint says:

        How is this a threat?
        You snowflaked paedo supporting fool. Its her own fault if she wants to live with Nigel Pedofield after being so called “held prisoner” and being all over TV trying to get on some reality TV show because of it.
        Well all that is being said is that all the top paedo investigators and psychics and truth movement icons are aware of Nigel and know he is dating this women.
        Get back to your Tor deep web browsing you bunch of paedo lovers!!

      • holocaust21 says:

        Actually you’re the snowflake here. You are the one supporting child porn laws. Support of child porn laws is the ultimate in snowflakery.

        Real men can watch child porn without becoming ‘triggered’.

      • Nuck ROC says:

        Do you not understand how threats work @Da staint?

      • Nuck ROC says:


  2. Nigel man, I want to pat him on the back for this!

  3. Omnipolitics16 says:

    That video thumbnail actually triggers me.

    Like how can children have rights, when they can’t even have the right to handle their own autonomy? Or have no say in whether or not their experience with sex by a older partner was consensual, or get brainwashed easily by therapists & manipulated by law enforcement? I am genuinely confused.

    • holocaust21 says:

      Because the people who are advocating “children’s rights” are really just virtue signalling social justice warriors. They have no actual interest in helping children, they are just narcissists who want to get attention and gain a “good” reputation for themselves.

    • Nuck ROC says:

      I like what you stated sir, but please stop using the alias of a deceased man. It’s both creepy & messed up, not to mention quite rude.

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